Biology and ecology of mangroves


Biology and ecology of mangroves

edited by H.J. Teas

(Tasks for vegetation science, 8)

W. Junk Publishers , Distributors for the U.S. and Canada, Kluwer Boston, 1983

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1. Development of mangrove forests from a geological perspective.- 2. Evidence for an Upper Carboniferous mangrove community.- 3. Ecological notes on the mangroves of Fujian, China.- 4. A general account of the mangroves of Princess Charlotte Bay with particular reference to zonation of the open shoreline.- 5. Aspects of the development of mangals in the Townsville Region, North Queensland, Australia.- 6. Distribution of mangrove species in Australia.- 7. The New Zealand Mangrove Association.- 8. Mangroves in New Zealand.- 9. An introduction to the nomenclature and taxonomy of the mangrove flora in Papua New Guinea and adjacent areas.- 10. Mangrove fishes of New Guinea.- 11. The faunal communities of Australian mangroves.- 12. Distribution of Phycomycetes in mangrove swamps with brackish waters and waters of high salinity.- 13. Inheritance of Albinism in the Red Mangrove, Rhizophora mangle L..- 14. Significance of cryptovivipary in Aegiceras corniculatum (L.) Blanco.- 15. Succession in zoned mangrove communities: where is the climax?.- 16. Degradation of mangrove leaf and stem tissues in situ in Mgeni Estuary, South Africa.- 17. Mangroves and sewage: a re-evaluation.- 18. Ecology of a mangrove swamp near Juhu Beach. Bombay with reference to sewage pollution.- 19. Impact of oil spills on mangrove forests.- 20. The effects of oil pollution on mangroves and fisheries in Ecuador and Colombia.

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