Psychosocial components of occupational therapy


Psychosocial components of occupational therapy

Anne Cronin Mosey

Raven Press, c1986

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Includes bibliography and index



Dr. Anne Cronin Mosey, author of Activities Therapy, Occupational Therapy: Configuration of a Profession, and other esteemed texts in the field of occupational therapy has produced a comprehensive and synthetic review of the diverse body of knowledge that forms the basis of psychosocial assessment and intervention and the various available intervention strategies. In addition to providing the practitioner with a sound conceptual basis for psychosocial evaluation and intervention, Psychosocial Components of Occupational Therapy is ideally suited for use as a primary text in courses related to performance components, occupational performances, social/cultural factors, human growth and development, therapeutic tools, group process/activity groups, the evaluation and intervention process, and occupational therapy for psychosocial dysfunction. It can also be used as a secondary text for courses providing an orientation to occupational therapy, for courses on occupational therapy and sensory integration, and for courses in occupational therapy with the elderly, the developmentally disabled, and the physically disabled

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