Dermatology in five continents : proceedings of the XVII. World Congress of Dermatology, Berlin, May 24-29, 1987


Dermatology in five continents : proceedings of the XVII. World Congress of Dermatology, Berlin, May 24-29, 1987

honorary president, O. Braun-Falco ; president, G. Stüttgen ; edited by C.E. Orfanos, R. Stadler, and H. Gollnick ; with the collaboration of the German committee for proceedings, E. Christophers ... [et al.]

Springer-Verlag, c1988

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The World Congress of Dermatology (Congressus Mundi Dermatologiae, CMD) is held every 5 years. The purpose of this meeting is to review and summarize the present status of scientific knowledge in clinical dermatology and to in related basic research, to discuss recent results and ideas among colleagues and to contribute to the develop- ment of new clinical and scientific research programmes for the future. It is evident that the Proceedings of such a meeting, where major dermatological work from five continents is presented, should be reviewed carefully and published as soon as possi- ble. This volume includes the reports of several hundreds of speakers from all over the world as presented during the congress or delivered 6 weeks later. The moving forces behind all this were the International League of Dermatology (ILDS) with its presi- dent, Jean Civatte, its general secretary, Nils Thyresson, the members of the Executive Committee (ICD) and the German Organizing Committee with its subcommittee for the scientific programme. In addition, the chairmen of sessions, coordinators, speakers and discussants all contributed to make the 17th CMD in Berlin a full suc- cess.


Protein Biosynthesis and Its Inhibition by Antibiotics.- Oncogenes and Growth Factors.- Monoclonal Antibodies: Characterization and Diagnosis of Malignant Lymphomas and Other Skin Neoplasms.- Host-Parasite Relationships in Sexually Transmitted Diseases.- Sun und Immunosurveillance.- Light Protection and Photodermatoses.- Paraneoplasias of the Skin.- Tropical Dermatoses - What Should We Know?.- HIV-Infection: Practical Questions on the Duty to Notity and Professional Secrecy.- The Asymptomatic HIV Antibody-Positive Patient as an In- or Outpatient in Dermatology.- A Dermatological View of Psoriatic Arthropathy.- Behcet's Syndrome.- Treatment of Psoriasis with Dithranol (Cignolin, Anthralin) and Other Hydroxyanthrones.- Acquired and Hereditary Angioedema: Pathogenesis and Therapy.- Food Sensitivity.- Drug Eruptions.- Plasmapheresis.- Prenatal Diagnosis.- Advances in Pathogenesis and Treatment of Pigmentary Disorders.- Atopic Dermatitis.- Human Papillomaviruses.- Panniculitis: A Clinicopathological Classification on Histopathologic, Clinical, and Etiopathogenic Bases.- Evolution for the Strategy for Treating Acne.- Dermatopharmacology.- Advances on Vasculitis.- AIDS: A Global Epidemic.- Cutaneous Lymphomas.- Azelaic Acid.- Dermatosurgery.- Vitiligo.- Lupus erythematosus.- Graft-Versus-Host-Reaction in the Skin: Why Is It Important for the Dermatologist.- Urticaria: Recent Advances.- Genodermatoses.- Photodermatoses.- Advances in Pediatric Dermatology.- What's New in Therapy.- Epidemiology, Precursors, and Markers of Malignant Melanoma.- Lupus Erythematosus and Its Subsets.- Nutrition and Skin Diseases.- Atopic Dermatitis.- Pediatric Dermatology.- New Toxic Dermatoses.- New Advances in Dermatologic Surgery.- New Developments in Sexually Transmitted Diseases.- Skin in Internal Medicine.- Melanoma: Clinical and Therapeutical Aspects.- Systemic Mycosis.- Bullous Diseases.- Contact Dermatitis.- Acne and Its Treatment.- New Diseases.- Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma.- Andrology: Advances in Diagnosis and Therapy of Male Infertility.- New Therapies.- Diseases of the Oral Mucosa.- Retinoids - Present Status.- Psychological Aspects of Skin Disease.- Parasitic Disease World-Wide.- Vasculitis.- Leprosy.- Advances in Clinical Phlebology.- What's New in Psoriasis.- Scleroderma.- Arthropod Skin Reactions.- Eicosanoids.- Collagen and Collagen Abnormalities.- New Drug Delivery Systems.- Epidermal Immunocompetent Cells.- Hormonal Receptors and Anti-Androgens.- Epidermal Cytokines.- Skin Barrier: Structure and Function.- Melanoma Immunology.- Monoclonal Antibody Techniques.- Carcinogenesis.- Wound Healing.- Virus-Related Lymphomas.- Cultured Keratinocytes and Synthetic Skin.- Complement Deficiencies.- Chemotaxis and Inflammation.- DNA Repair and Skin Disease.- Cutaneous Aging.- Immunoelectronmicroscopy and Related Techniques.- Environment, Pollution, and the Skin.- Pharmaceutical Manipulations of the Complement Cascade.- Mycobacteria and Skin Diseases.- Biology of Leishmania and Leishmaniasis.- Lasers: Biological Effects and Therapy.- T-Cell Interactions.- Interferons in Dermatology.- Computers in Dermatology.- Keratins and Keratinization.- Prenatal Diagnosis in Genodermatoses.- Pseudolymphoma.- Cutaneous Porphyria.- Urticaria.- Actinic Prurigo and Related Diseases.- Histiocytic Syndromes.- Dermatology in Rural Populations.- Nail Disorders and Treatment.- Non-Ionising Radiation: Techniques and Dosimetry.- Ionizing Radiation/X-Ray Therapy.- Granulomatous Skin Disease.- Pregnancy and Skin.- Some New Concepts in Cutaneous Amyloidosis.- Ultrasound in Dermatology.- Photodermatology.- Dermatohistopathology.- Dermatopharmacology.- Immunodermatology.- Tropical Dermatology.- Pediatric Dermatology.- Occupational Dermatoses.- Dermatologie Surgery and Cryosurgery.- Cutaneous Mycology and Microbiology.- Sexually Transmitted Diseases.- Dermatophytosis, Parasitosis, Mycobacteriosis - Therapy/Experimental Results.- Psoriasis - Experimental Results.- Therapy, Side Effects, Experimental Results.- Allergy - Contact Dermatitis, Atopic Eczema, Urticaria, Photoallergy, Allergic Vasculitis.- Interferon - Therapy/Experimental Results.- Skin Tumours, Immunocytochemistry, Experimental Results.- Inflammation.- Retinoids - Therapy, Side Effects, Experimental Results.- Photobiology.- Hair, Nail Disorders - Experimental Results.- Miscellaneous - Experimental Results.- Bullous Diseases.- Acne - Sebum Studies.- Melanoma.- Miscellaneous - Case Presentations.- Diagnostic Tools, Skin Models.- Immunodeficiency, Kaposi Sarcoma.- STD.- Miscellaneous.- Short Communications.- Author Index.

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