Commentary on De Grammatico : The historical-logical dimensions of a dialogue of St. Anselm's


Commentary on De Grammatico : The historical-logical dimensions of a dialogue of St. Anselm's

by Desmond Paul Henry

(Synthese historical library, v. 8)

Reidel, c1974

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Includes Latin text and English translation of De grammatico

Bibliography: p. 3-6



The intent of the present work is chiefly the presentation of a running commentary, preponderantly historical in complexion, on the detail of the text of St. Anselm's dialogue De Grammatico. At the same time the making intelligible of that text has demanded the concurrent proffering of logical elucidations. The framework adopted for the latter is the Ontology of S. Lesniewski. The unsuitability of other current systems of logic for the analysis of medieval doctrines has been suggested in HLM I. Hereunder the line of analyses proposed in HDG (an introduc tory study of De Grammatico) will for the most part be maintained, with only a few modifications. Changes which further study might demand would in any case involve not so much an abrogation of the HDG ver sions, but rather certain complications of detail on the lines indicated in HLM, HEE, and Hoi. Readers who happen to be out of sympathy either with modem logic as a whole, or with the Lesniewskian systems in particular, may be assured that the historical thread of the commentary remains for the most part unaffected by issues connected with such logics. Much of the historical material contained in the commentary consists of quotations from the logical works of Boethius. Some of that material may at first sight appear prosaic and tedious.


0. Translation and Reference Conventions.- 1. Introduction.- 2. St. Anselm as a Logician.- 3. Logical Frame of Reference.- 4. Basic Presuppositions.- 5. Summary of De Grammatico.- 6. De Grammatico: Text and Translation.- 7. Commentary.

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