IUTAM : a short history


    • Juhasz, Stephen


IUTAM : a short history

S. Juhasz (editor)

Springer-Verlag, c1988

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At head of title: International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics



This volume presents the historical development of IUTAM, which began in Innsbruck in 1922 where the first IUTAM conference took place. These conferences have been held every four years with great success: the next will take place in Grenoble in 1988. This volume is dedicated to Professor Theodore von Karman (1881-1963), who has contributed greatly to the foundation of IUTAM.


  • What is Mechanics?.- A. The Theoretical Framework.- 1. Newtonian Foundations.- 2. Mathematical Formulation of Newtonian Mechanics.- 3. Improved Representation of Material Properties.- 4. Consideration of Additional External Forces.- 5. Advances in Mathematical Methods.- B. Examples of the Applications of Mechanics.- 1. Applied Mechanics and its Growing Utilisation of Theoretical Mechanics.- 2. Structural Engineering.- 3. Hydraulics.- 4. Mechanical Engineering.- 5. External Fluid-dynamics.- 6. Planetary Sciences.- 7. Life Sciences.- The Early International Congresses of Applied Mechanics.- A. Summary.- B. Prehistory: Innsbruck Conference.- C. First Congress - Delft.- D. Second and Third Congresses.- E. International Relations in Sciences After WWI.- F. Nature of the Scientific Discipline: Applied Mechanics.- G. Epilogue.- Post World War II Activities: from Paris to Lyngby.- A. The Union is Formed.- B. Iutam Symposia.- C. The Circuit Widens.- D. Closure.- Congresses.- A. Summary.- B. When and Where.- 1. Usual Cycle and Deviations.- 2. Countries and Cities.- 3. Congress Organizations.- C. Meeting Places, Residences, and Transportation.- 1. Congress Locations and Facilities.- 2. Logos, Banners and Signs.- 3. Residences and Meals.- 4. Transportation.- 5. Weather.- D. Participants.- 1. Number of Participants.- 2. Number of Host Country Participants.- 3. Travel Grants and Other Support.- 4. Founders Participation.- 5. Nature of Participation.- 6. List of Participants and Name Tags.- 7. Photos.- E. Presentations.- 1. Numbers.- 2. Formats.- 3. Acceptance Policies for Submitted Papers.- 4. Languages.- F. Non-Lecture Programs.- 1. Socials, General.- 2. Topical Description of Past Socials.- 3. City Tours, Plant Visits, etc..- 4. Family Member Participation.- G. Exhibits.- 1. "Conversazione".- 2. Publishers Exhibits.- 3. Institutional Exhibits.- H. Proceedings.- 1. General.- 2. Publication Modes.- 3. Tables of Contents.- I. Accomplishments.- 1. Advancement of the Art.- 2. Building Contacts Between Participants.- 3. International Aspects.- Symposia.- A. Summary.- B. Origin.- 1. Concept.- 2. IUTAM Symposia.- C. Frequency.- D. Participation.- 1. Policies.- 2. Fully Open, Fully Closed, and Middle-of-the-Road Meetings.- E. What and Where.- 1. Subjects and Approval of Proposals.- 2. Locations.- F. Participants.- 1. Geographical Breakdown.- 2. Numerical Breakdown.- G. Proceedings.- 1. General.- 2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Publication Modes.- 3. Length.- H. Sponsors and Arrangements.- 1. Organizers.- 2. Socials.- 3. Photos of Participants and List of Participants.- General Assemblies.- A. When and Where.- B. Membership.- C. Activities.- Reports.- A. Frequency, Availability.- B. Standardization.- References.- Acknowledgments.- Picture Credits.- Appendices.- 1. Congresses by Number, Location and Year.- 2. Invitation Letter to Innsbruck Conference.- 3. Participants of Innsbruck Conference.- 4. Congress Participants by Countries.- 5. Congress Participants from "Other" Countries.- 6. Congress Participants by Continents.- 7. Congress Participation by Host Country Participants.- 8. General and Sectional Lecturers
  • - Delft 1924.- 9. General and Keynote Lecturers with Lecture Titles I-XVI.- 10. Number of Congress Presentations, and Their Publication Modes.- 11. Congress Papers by Subject.- 12. Bibliographical Details - Innsbruck Conference and I-XVI Congress Proceedings.- 13. Photo of Published Proceedings.- 14. Artists Rendering of Past Congress Logos.- 15. Topical Description of Past Socials.- 16. CONVERSAZIONE: Cambridge, Mass 1938.- 17. Symposia Locations.- 18. Symposia by Subject, Location and Number of Participants.- 19. Symposia Publications.- 20. General Assemblies: Dates and Locations.- 21. General Assembly Members in Alphabetic Order.- 22. General Assembly Members by Countries.- 23. Adhering Organizations from 1985 Report.- 24. Affiliated Organizations from 1985 Reports.- 25. Officers and Additional Bureau Members.- 26. List of Reports.- 27. Photo of IUTAM Reports.- ICTAM-IUTAM Photos.

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