Structural optimization : proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium on Structural Optimization, Melbourne, Australia, 9-13 February 1988


Structural optimization : proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium on Structural Optimization, Melbourne, Australia, 9-13 February 1988

edited by G.I.N. Rozvany and B.L. Karihaloo

Kluwer Academic Publishers, c1988

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Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium on Structural Optimization, Melbourne, Australia, February 9-13, 1988


Contributed Papers:.- Practical Design of Shear and Compression Loaded Stiffened Panels.- Shape Optimization of Holes in Composite Shear Panels.- Development of a Knowledge-Based System for Structural Optimization.- Modern Trend in Elastic-Plastic Design. Shape and Internal Structure Optimization.- Composite Materials as a Basis for Generating Optimal Topologies in Shape Design.- Performance Characteristics of Optimality Criteria Methods.- Optimal Shape of Cable Structures.- Shape Optimization of Continuum with Crack.- Linear Complementarity Problems: A Cutting Plane Method Based on the Convex Hull of Polyhedra.- Optimization of Vibrating Thin-Walled Structures.- Shape Optimization of Intersecting Pressure Vessels.- Optimization Procedure SAPOP Applied to Optimal Layouts of Complex Structures.- Structural Shape Optimization Using OASIS.- Optimal Design of R.C. Frames Based on Improved Inelastic Analysis Method.- Boundary Element Methods in Optimal Shape Design - An Integrated Approach.- A Michell Type Criterion for Shells.- Shape Optimization of the Cross-Sections of Thinwalled Beams Subjected to Bending and Shear.- Optimization of Structures Using the Finite Element Method.- Comparison of NLP Techniques in Optimum Structural Frame Design.- Structural and Control Optimization with Weight and Frobenius Norm as Performance Functions.- Multicriterion Plate Optimization.- Optimization of Syatems in Bending - Conjectures, Bounds and Estimates Relating to Moment Volume and Shape.- On the Optimal Design of Columns Subjected to Circulatory Loads.- Structural Optimization in a Non-Deterministic Setting.- On the Shape Optimization of Truss Structure Based on Reliability Concept.- On Optimality in Structural and Material Composition of Bamboo.- Optimization of a Hollow Beam-Shaft with Prescribed Inner Contour.- Dynamic Optimization of Machine Systems Configuration.- Design for Minimum Stress Concentration - Some Practical Aspects.- Optimality Conditions for Multiple Loaded Structures - Integrating Control and Finite Element Method.- A Variational Principle Useful in Optimizing Rectangular-Base Shallow Shells.- Minimax Algorithms for Structural Optimization.- Discrete-Continuous Structural Optimization.- Optimality Criteria and Layout Theory in Structural Design: Recent Developments and Applications.- Shape Optimization: Creating a Useful Design Tool.- Optimal Shape of Pendulum Links.- An Integrated Knowledge-Based Problem Solving System for Structural Optimization.- A Method of Feasible Direction with FEM for Shape Optimization.- Experimental Design and Structural Optimization.- On the Shape Determination of Non-Conservative System: A Case of Column under Follower Force.- A Mathematical Programming Approach for Finding the Stochastically Most Relevant Failure Mechanism.- Structural Shape Optimization in Multidisciplinary System Synthesis.- Boundary Element Approach to Optimal Structural Design Based on the Inverse Variational principle.- Optimal Shape of Least Weight Arches.- Optimazation of Conical Shells for Static and Dynamic Loads.- Optimum Designs of Rotating Shaft Systems for Nonlinear Dynamic Responses.- Minimum Compliance Stiffener Layout of a Plate.- Recent Investigations of Structural Optimization by Analytic Methods.- Detailed Machine Structural Shapes Generated from Simplified Models.- Abstracts of papers presented at the Symposium which are likely to appear in an early issue of the Journal "Structural Optimization", (Springer-Verlag)..- On Shape Optimization of Satelite Tanks.- Divergence Instability Conditions in the Optimum Design of Nonlinear Elastic Systems under Follower Loads.- Solution of Max-Min Problems via Bound Formulation and Mathematical Prograrmming.- Natural Structural Shapes for Shells of Revolution in the Membrane Theory of Shells.- Optimal Design of Structures under Creep Conditions.

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