The Mesoamerican Indian languages


The Mesoamerican Indian languages

Jorge A. Suárez

(Cambridge language surveys)

Cambridge University Press, 1983

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Bibliography: p. 177-194

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At least a hundred indigenous Indian languages are known to have been spoken in Mesoamerica, the cultural area that includes most of Mexico and part of South America, but it is only in the past fifty years that many of them have been adequately described. For some we still have no more than a partial description, often in an obscure source. Professor Suarez draws together this considerable mass of scholarship in a general survey that will provide an invaluable source of reference. The approach is primarily descriptive, and a major part of the volume is concerned with synchronic descriptions of phonology, morphology and syntax. The volume will be of interest and importance both to general linguists and to others with a serious interest in Mesoamerican culture and society.


  • List of illustrations
  • List of tables
  • Preface
  • Notational conventions
  • 1. The study of Mesoamerican Indian languages
  • 2. Dialects, languages and linguistic families
  • 3. Phonology I
  • 4. Phonology II
  • 5. Morphology I
  • 6. Morphology II
  • 7. Syntax I
  • 8. Syntax II
  • 9. Preconquest literary traditions
  • 10. The prehistory of Mesoamerican Indian languages
  • 11. Indian languages after the conquest
  • Appendix
  • References
  • Language index
  • Subject index.

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