The illustrated history of Harrow School


The illustrated history of Harrow School

Patrick Lichfield & Richard Shymansky with Jim Golland

Michael Joseph, 1988

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Harrow is one of the world's most famous schools and over its 400 year history has produced many renowned statesmen, thinkers and poets. The recently completed task of cataloguing thousands of hitherto unseen photos in the school's archives has uncovered a fascinating and unique visual record of an historic institution since the early days of photography. A final section of colour photographs by lord lichfield, himself an old harrovian, brings the record up to date. This sumptuously illustrated book will appeal to the general public and friend of the school alike. 02/05/88 28/10/87 agreed:2500x675px$30(3500x548p).300x240mm, 128pp+32pp colour plates 2.5:2500x810px$35(2000x950p).300x240mm,128+32pp col.pre-pub.offer to school of $30(v.low discount),aj to price on books,all s/wed. UK YES

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