Political parties and coalitions in European local government


Political parties and coalitions in European local government

edited by Colin Mellors and Bert Pijnenburg

(Bradford studies in European politics)

Routledge, 1989

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Focusing on 9 West European countries - Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and West Germany - this book describes and analyses coalitions at the local government level. This book should be of interest to lecturers and students in politics, electoral studies and local government and campaigners for electoral reform.


Preface 1. Sub-national Government: A New Arena for the Study of Coalitions Colin Mellors 2. Theories of Coalition Formation and Local Government Coalitions Michael Laver 3. The Multiple Dimensions of Local Coalition Formation in Belgium Bert Pijnenburg 4. Non-Majority British Local Authorities in a Majority System Colin Mellors 5. Local Coalitions in Denmark: A Preliminary Approach Alastair H. Thomas 6. Coalitions in the New French Regions Paul Hainsworth and John Loughlin 7. Local Coalitions in Ireland Neil Collins 8. Local and Regional Coalitions in Italy: Party Strategies and Centre-Periphery Links Geoffrey Pridham 9. Local Coalition Formation in the Netherlands Wim Kuiper and Pieter Tops 10. Coalitions and Political Parties in Sub-national Government: The Case of Spain Robert Robinson 11. City Coalitions in West Germany: A Case Study of Nordrhein-Westfalen Patricia Brearey 12. Conclusion: Local Coalitions in Europe Colin Mellors and Bert Pijnenburg Index.

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