The Psychological experience of surgery


The Psychological experience of surgery

edited by Richard S. Blacher

(Wiley series in general and clinical psychiatry)

Wiley, c1987

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"A Wiley-Interscience publication."

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This volume explores the psychodynamic issues raised by different kinds of surgery, and how a patient's experience of surgery is influenced by the physical, cultural and even mythic meanings of the body organ operated on. The chapters look at the psychological implications of, and emotional reactions to, most types of major surgery. The understanding of these issues, by the psychiatrist, the clinical psychologist, the surgeon and nurse, can mean the difference between recovery and illness, health and chronic invalidism, and even life and death. The last chapter discusses the use of short term therapy to help the patient adjust to the trauma of surgery.


  • General Surgery and Anaesthesia: The Emotional Experience
  • When Children Have Surgery
  • Heart Surgery: The Patient's Experience
  • The Subjective Experience of Brain Surgery: The Mind at Risk
  • Psychological Factors in Lower Limb Amputations
  • The Psychological Aspects of Breast Surgery
  • Emotional Impact of Gynaecological Surgery
  • Psychological Adaption to Renal Disease and Transplantation
  • On the Role of Denial in Cancer Surgery
  • Becoming a Burn Victim
  • Bypass Surgery for Superobesity: The Patient's Experience
  • Cosmetic Surgery, with Particular Reference to Rhinoplasty
  • Brief Psychotherapeutic Intervention for the Surgical Patient.

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