Photoinduced electron transfer reactions : organic substrates


Photoinduced electron transfer reactions : organic substrates

(Photoinduced electron transfer / edited by Marye Anne Fox and Michel Chanon, pt. C)

Elsevier, 1988

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Electron transfer reactions are of great importance to nearly every subdiscipline of chemistry. The simple transfer of a single electron has been shown repeatedly to be a common activating mode for organic, inorganic, and biological molecules, and the very ubiquity of such reactions has guaranteed that their investigation would involve the most fundamental questions of modern chemistry. The fact that photoexcitation induces enhanced redox reactivity via electron transfer also provides a convenient method for experimentally testing theoretical predictions regarding structural and energetic effects. As can be seen from the very size of this work there is a great deal known about photoinduced electron transfer reactions and the editors have tried to capture the diversity and excitement inherent in this broad field. The reader will find contributions from theorists and experimentalists, from organic and inorganic chemists, from the perspective of the synthetic and mechanistic viewpoint. Some contributions are fundamental basic research, while others clearly show practical applications of these principles. These volumes are intended to serve a joint purpose: as a reference resource and an introductory overview to the diverse research accomplished via photoexcitation of electron donor-acceptor systems. The information is organized in four parts. The first deals with the theoretical and conceptual factors which influence electron transfer. The second covers experimental methodology and medium effects. The third and fourth deal with reactivity, with most organic transformation being addressed in Part C and most inorganic reactions covered in Part D. Each part thus provides an overview of typical reactions observed for these classes of compounds. Part D also provides examples of photoinduced electron transfer in current use in important applications. There is of course a significant interdependence between the four parts. Subject, chemical, and author citation indices appear at the end of each of Parts A, B and C, and comprehensive indices are included in Part D.


4. Photoinduced Electron Transfer Reactions - Organic Substrates. Carbon-Carbon Multiple Bonds (F.D. Lewis). Strained Hydrocarbons (P.G. Gassman). Aromatics (A. Albini, A. Sulpizio). Heteroaromatics (A. Lablache-Combier). Photoinduced Electron Transfer Reactions of Aromatic Carbonyl and Related Compounds (M. Hoshino, H. Shizuka). Electron Transfer Photochemistry of Iminium Cations (P.S. Mariano). Amines, Thiols, and Thioethers: Heteroatomic Electron Donors (N.J. Pienta). Photoinduced Nucleophilic Substitution at sp 3 -Carbon (W.R. Bowman). Light-Induced Redox Reactions of Dyes, Metal Complexes, and Amines: One- vs. Two-Electron Transfer Reactions and C-C Bond Cleavage Processes (X. Ci, D.G. Whitten). NAD(P)H, NAD(P) + , and Analogues (S. Fukuzumi, T. Tanaka). Flavins and Deazaflavins (S. Fukuzumi, T. Tanaka). Subject Index, Part C. Chemical Index, Part C. Author Index, Part C.

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