Papers from the 5th International Conference on Historical Linguistics Referate von der Fünften Internationalen Konferenz für Historischen [sic] Sprachwissenschaft


Papers from the 5th International Conference on Historical Linguistics = Referate von der Fünften Internationalen Konferenz für Historischen [sic] Sprachwissenschaft

edited by Anders Ahlqvist

(Amsterdam studies in the theory and history of linguistic science, Series IV . Current issues in linguistic theory ; v. 21)

J. Benjamins, 1982


Communications de la cinquième conférence internationale de linguistique historique

Referate von der Fünften Internationalen Konferenz für Historischen Sprachwissenschaft

大学図書館所蔵 件 / 66



Held in Galway, Easter 1981

English, French, and German

Bibliography: p. [467]-507

Includes indexes



This volume presents a selection of the best papers from the Fifth International Conference on Historical Linguistics (ICHL), which was held in Galway, April 6-10 1981. These papers provide an overview of work in the field of historical linguistics, covering a wide variety of topics and languages.


  • 1. Preface
  • 2. Liste des participants
  • 3. Endgultiges Programm der Konferenz
  • 4. On explaining language change (by Harris, Martin B.)
  • 5. Assibilation in Sino-Korean (by Baek, Eung-Jin)
  • 6. Le francais de demain: VSO ou VOS (by Bailard, Joelle)
  • 7. Why small children cannot change language on their own: suggestions from the English past tense (by Bybee, Joan L.)
  • 8. The analogical pressure of synonymy: the dual gender of Spanish mar 'sea' (by Cravens, Thomas D.)
  • 9. Subject raising in Old Irish (by Disterheft, Dorothy)
  • 10. The system of verbs involving a speaker-hearer relationship: come/go, bring/take, in Old and Middle English (by Fraser, Thomas H.K.)
  • 11. Word order change in Dutch imparative clauses: the interaction between contextual and syntactic factors (by Gerritsen, Marinel)
  • 12. On the development of the modals and the epistemic function in English (by Goossens, Louis)
  • 13. Some phonological changes in Polynesian languages (by Harlow, R.B.)
  • 14. Ablaut and syntax in Kartvelian (by Harris, Alice C.)
  • 15. Shifting systems: evidence for systemic change in French historical phonology (by Hewson, John)
  • 16. Aspects of the evolution of relatives in Romance (by Hirschbuhler, Paul)
  • 17. On the historical continuity of linguistic systems (by Holman, Eugene)
  • 18. Change of language as a prototype for change of linguistics (by Itkonen, Esa)
  • 19. Diachronic facts vs. synchronic fiction: historical linguistic evidence against assuming underlying grammatical uniformity for contemporary dialects of the same language (by Janda, Richard D.)
  • 20. Semantic change and etymologies (by Job, D.M.)
  • 21. Morphologycal influences on soundchange (by Johnson, Steve)
  • 22. The system of negation in later Middle English prose (by Joly, Andre)
  • 23. Reductive phonetic developments as the trigger to typological change: two examples from the Finno-Ugrian languages (by Korhonen, Mikko)
  • 24. Modern Irish grammars and the plural marker acha (by Lazar-Meyn, Heidi Ann)
  • 25. Graphology and sound change in Old Prussian (by Levin, Jules)
  • 26. Iconicity in phonological change (by Mannheim, Bruce)
  • 27. On the problem of historical interpretation: Verner's law in gothic (by Milroy, James)
  • 28. The mistery of the vanished Laurentinians (by Mithun, Marianne)
  • 29. On the origin of the Portugese inflected infinitive (by Osborne, Bruce)
  • 30. Schreibumwertung und die Methoden der historischen Phonologie (by Penzl, Herbert)
  • 31. On the sources of Indo-European conjunctions of purpos, cause and result (by Pepicello, W.J.)
  • 32. A Neglected phonetic law: the reduction of the Indo-European laryngeals in internal syllables before yod (by Pinault, Georges-Jean)
  • 33. Explorations on syntactic change (relative clause formation strategies) (by Giacalone Ramat, Anna)
  • 34. The reconstruction of language in its social context: methodology for a socio-historical linguistic theory (by Romaine, Suzanne)
  • 35. Vivid language and language change (by Scott, Janet E.)
  • 36. From deontic to epistemic: an analysis of modals in the history of English, creoles, and language acquisition (by Shepherd, Susan C.)
  • 37. On short-term language change: developments in Irish morphology (by Stenson, Nancy J.)
  • 38. Conversational pues in Spanish: a proces of degrammaticalization? (by Paez Urdaneta, Iraset)
  • 39. Numerical and socio-linguistic perspectives of the p/pf-isogloss in South-Rhenish Franconian dialects (by Sture Ureland, P.)
  • 40. Historical metrics: the caesura in French (by Verluyten, S. Paul)
  • 41. Structural change and pidginization in the history of the Arabic language (by Versteegh, Kees)
  • 42. Theories of language and the nature of evidence and explanation in historical linguistics (by Vizmuller, Jana)
  • 43. From discourse to syntax: for in Early English causal clauses (by Wiegand, Nancy)
  • 44. Historical linguistics and metaphilology (by Wolfart, H. Christoph)
  • 45. On the historical roots of the philology and historical linguistics (by Buachalla, Breandan O)
  • 46. Scribal practise and historical phonology (by Andersen, Henning)
  • 47. Discussion
  • 48. Concluding remarks (by Traugott, Elizabeth Closs)
  • 49. Index Fontium et Nominum
  • 50. Index Linguarum
  • 51. Index Rerum

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