Constitutionalism : founding and future


Constitutionalism : founding and future

edited by Kenneth W. Thompson

(Miller Center bicentennial series on constitutionalism, v. 1)

University Press of America , White Burkett Miller Center of Public Affairs, University of Virginia, c1989

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The present volume contains a collection of presentations and essays on basic elements of constitutionalism. They run the gamut from a philosophical inquiry into the distinguishing characteristics of constitutionalism and democracy; an historical analysis of the Virginia Ratification Convention of 1788; an essay on Jefferson and the language of liberty; a critical paper on the presidency in relationship to the constitutional system; and a concluding discussion of the living as distinct from the written constitution. Such a group can prepare the way for a discussion of comparative constitutionalism by making clear the essential nature of the U.S. Constitution and the principles and practices that brought it into being.

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