Industry and politics in West Germany : toward the Third Republic


Industry and politics in West Germany : toward the Third Republic

edited by Peter J. Katzenstein

(Cornell studies in political economy / edited by Peter J. Katzenstein)

Cornell University Press, 1989

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Dynamic technological developments in industrial production, the rise of new social movements in national politics, and great changes in the international political economy have left a deep imprint on the Federal Republic. A compelling explanation of West Germany's success in maintaining economic prosperity and political stability under such challenging conditions has continued to elude observers. Under the editorship of Peter J. Katzenstein, thirteen distinguished scholars from both sides of the Atlantic here provide an original interpretation of the political economy of the Bonn Republic during the forty years since its founding, and explore in particular its extraordinary capacity for accommodating change. Whereas studies in political economy have typically focused on one level of political action-either the shop floor, or national politics, or the international system-this innovative account analyzes the interaction of change at all three levels, bringing together case studies drawn from six manufacturing and service sectors.

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