A World in crisis? : geographical perspectives


A World in crisis? : geographical perspectives

edited by R.J. Johnston and P.J. Taylor

B. Blackwell, 1989

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographies and index



The 1970's witnessed widespread recognition of the world as a single, interconnecting whole. The 1980's have shown that this whole is not operating as a self-sustaining system. In short we appear to live in a world in crisis- manifesting itself in hunger, poverty, debt, conflict, statelessness and war, as well as in the accelerating degradation of the natural environment.The geographical perspectives of World in Crisis? - in this completely revised and updated edition - show the interlinking nature of global, regional, and local problems and, further, that these are not uniquely economic, ecological, political or social, but all these and more.


  • A world in crisis?, R.J.Johnston and Peter J.Taylor
  • the geography of international economic disorder, N.J.Thrift
  • draining the world of energy, P.R.Odell
  • food production and distribution - and hunger, P.N.Bradley and S. Carter
  • natural resource use, Piers Blaikie
  • Malthus, Marx and population crisis, Robert Woods
  • the destruction of regional cultures, Richard Peet
  • individuals and the world economy, R.J.Johnston
  • the question of national congruence, Colin J.Williams
  • world-power competition and local conflicts in the Third World, John O'Loughlin
  • the new geopolitics - the dynamics of geopolitical disorder, John Agnew and Stuart Corbridge
  • the world systems project, Peter J.Taylor

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