Entrepreneurship, creativity & organization : text, cases & readings


Entrepreneurship, creativity & organization : text, cases & readings

John Kao

Prentice Hall, c1989

  • International ed.


Entrepreneurship, creativity, and organization

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Includes bibliographies and index



This collection of cases and readings explores the "social psychology" of entrepreneurship - the concepts, skills, and attitudes necessary for individual success.


1. Managing Creativity. Cases: Leo Castelli. The Videogame Industry. The Videogame Design Process. George Lucas. Readings: On My Painting, Beckman. Creating Videogames that Score. George Lucas, Skywalking. 2. The Entrepreneur. Cases: Janet Axelrod. Ted Turner (A). Akira Kimishima. Audrey Dickason. Deborah Goldberg. Craig Knudsen. Paul Lutwak. Readings: Can You Survive an Entrepreneur? Perspectives on Entrepreneurship. 3. The Evolving Organization. Cases: Hot Rock (A). Catalyst Technologies. Managing Change at Lotus Development Corporation. Integrated Genetics (A). Infocom (A). Au Bon Pain. The Learning Company (A). The Young Astronaut Program. Readings: The Role of the Founder in Creating Organizational Culture. The Biotechnology Industry. Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow. How Much Land Does a Man Need? Three Myths: Midas, Daedalus, Narcissus. 4. The Established Firm. Cases: American Express Travel Related Services. Lou Gerstner. HRM at American Express Travel Related Services Company. Beth Horowitz. Teri Williams. Jerry Welsh. Scandinavian Airlines System. Readings: The Middle Manager as Innovator. Let's Get in There and Fight.

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