Perspectives on language and text : essays and poems in honor of Francis I. Andersen's sixtieth birthday, July 28, 1985


Perspectives on language and text : essays and poems in honor of Francis I. Andersen's sixtieth birthday, July 28, 1985

edited by Edgar W. Conrad and Edward G. Newing

Eisenbrauns, 1987

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Essays on Semitics, Statistics and Linguistics, the Hebrew Bible, the Greek Bible, and Religion by an international group of scholars reflect the wide-ranging interests of Professor Andersen's research and writing. In addition, a number of poems by friends of Professor Andersen are included, in appreciation of his long-standing interest and involvement in poetics. The contributions reflect the deep impact of his leadership in linguistics and study of the Hebrew Bible.


Preface (Photograph `Francis I. Andersen') Francis I. Andersen: Appreciations 1. Stuart Barton Babbage 2. David Noel Freedman (Photograph `Frank and Noel with the Aleppo Codex 1983') Previously Unpublished Poems of Francis I. Andersen A Semitics Minutiae Aramaicae Joshua Blau (Jerusalem) A Fresh Look at Isaiah 7:7-9 F. C. Fensham (Stellenbosch) The Inauguration of Semitic Epigraphy and Palaeography as Scientific Disciplines James G. Fraser (Melbourne) The Epithets rbt // trrt in the KRT Epic Jonas C. Greenfield (Jerusalem) The Mesopotamian Counterparts of the Biblical Nepilim Anne Draffkorn Kilmer (Berkeley) Poem Dostoevsky and Solzhenitsyn Lucy D. Sullivan (Berkeley) B Statistics and Linguistics Revelations from Word Counts E. Ann Eyland (New South Wales) Syntactic Sequences in the Hebrew Bible A. Dean Forbes (Palo Alto) Central Buang Poetry Bruce A. Hooley (Kangaroo Ground) Bishop Beveridge on the Metrical Psalms Richard F. Hosking (Hiroshima) A Theory of Language Organisation Based on Hjelmslev's Function Oriented Theory of Language Harland B. Kerr (Ukarumpa, Papua N.G.) Lexical Cohesion in Ruth: A Sample Basil Rebera (Singapore) Poems Assurance Made More Sure Harold Fallding (Waterloo) Two Points of View Harold Fallding (Waterloo) C The Hebrew Bible The Rhetorical Shape of Zephaniah Ivan J. Ball, Jr. (San Leandro) The Structure of Isaiah 40:1-11 David Noel Freedman (Ann Arbor) A Quantitative Analysis of the `Adam and Eve,' `Cain and Abel,' and `Noah' Stories Isaac M. Kikawada (Tucson) The Literary Structure of Numbers 8:5-22 and the Levitic kippur Jacob Milgrom (Berkeley) The Rhetoric of Altercation in Numbers 14 Edward G. Newing (Sydney) The Australian Aborigines and the Old Testament H. C. Spykerboer (Brisbane) The Pseudo-Sorites in Hebrew Verse M. O'Connor (Ann Arbor) The `Response' in Biblical and Non-Biblical Literature with Particular Reference to the Hebrew Prophets John A. Thompson (Melbourne) Spirit and Wilderness: The Interplay of Two Motifs within the Hebrew Bible as a Background to Mark 1:2-13 John Wright (Newcastle) Poems Program Walter R. Hearn (Berkeley) Alas for Judas Kenneth L. Pike (Dallas) D The Greek Bible `Walking' as a Metaphor of the Christian Life: The Origins of a Significant Pauline Usage Robert Banks (Ainslie) Portrait of a Poet: Reflections on `the Poet' in the Odes of Solomon Majella Franzmann (Brisbane) Parallels Between the Letters of Ignatius and the Johannine Epistles Sherman E. Johnson (Berkeley) The Magical Use of Scripture in the Papyri E. A. Judge (New South Wales) Holiness and Sanctification in the New Testament Michael Lattke (Brisbane) Invective: Paul and His Enemies in Corinth Peter Marshall (Dickson) Poem Stories Linda Conrad (Brisbane) E Religion The Buddha in the West, 1800-1860 Philip C. Almond (Brisbane) Changing Context: The Bible and the Study of Religion Edgar W. Conrad (Brisbane) Getting to Know a Religion Through the Heresies it Spawns Ian Gillman (Brisbane) Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Jemima Wilkinson as a Religious Leader Richard A. Hutch (Brisbane) Buddhist-Christian Dialogue: Whether, Whence, and Why N. Ross Reat (Brisbane) Poems In the Same Thicket Harold Fallding (Ontario) Times Without Time Harold Fallding (Ontario) Curriculum Vitae Francis Ian Andersen Scholar Extraordinary, born July 28,* 1925 *But Francis's mother always maintained it was July 27!

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