Psychological therapy for patients with cancer



Psychological therapy for patients with cancer

Stirling Moorey and Steven Greer

Heinemann Medical, 1989

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Bibliography: p. 216-227

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This book is based upon the concept that cancer treatment should involve more than surgical excision of the tumour or attempts to destroy cancer cells by means of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The benefits of cytotoxic drugs are seen to blind us to the physical and emotional distress which may ensue. The authors suggest that a comprehensive assessment of the various treatments is necessary and describe a method of psychological therapy which has been devised specifically for cancer patients which aims to be problem-focused and tailored to the needs of the individual patient and to induce a fighting spirit. The main body of the work is devoted to the theory and practice of this therapy.


  • Part 1 The psychology of cancer: the personal meaning of cancer - a cognitive theory of adjustment
  • can psychotherapy improve patients' quality of life?
  • can mental adjustment to cancer affect disease outcome? Part 2 Adjuvant psychological therapy (APT): aims and description
  • the therapy session
  • behavioural techniques
  • cognitive techniques
  • emotional expression
  • working with couples
  • APT in advanced cancer
  • evaluating APT
  • applications of APT to other serious illnesses. Appendices: coping with cancer
  • thinking errors
  • mental adjustment to cancer
  • Coutauld emotional control.

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