Principles and practice of surgical pathology


Principles and practice of surgical pathology

edited by Steven G. Silverberg

Churchill Livingstone, c1990

2nd ed

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An updated edition, with emphasis on difficult diagnostic problems encountered in daily practice, and containing new chapters on surgical pathology of the immunocompromised host (particularly in AIDS cases) and immunohistological techniques, plus coverage of fine needle aspiration cytology.


  • Volume 1: general philosophy and principles of surgical pathology
  • medicolegal principles and problems
  • surgical pathology and infectious diseases
  • surgical pathology of immunodeficiency disorders
  • the surgical pathology of iatrogenic lesions
  • immunohistological techniques
  • differential diagnosis of metastatic tumors
  • inflammatory diseases of the skin
  • neoplasms of the skin
  • soft tissue tumors
  • the breast
  • lymph nodes and spleen
  • bone marrow
  • non-neoplastic diseases of bones and joints
  • neoplasms and tumor-like lesions of bone
  • skeletal muscle
  • the nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, and nasopharynx
  • the larynx and trachea
  • diffuse diseases of the lung
  • localized diseases of the bronchi and lungs
  • the cardiovascular system
  • the oral cavity
  • the major salivary glands
  • the mediastinum and thymus
  • the pleura and pericardium
  • retroperitoneum, mesentery, omentum, and peritoneum
  • the sophagus. Volume 2: the stomach
  • non-neoplastic diseases of the small and large bowel
  • neoplastic disease of the small and large intestine
  • medical diseases of the liver
  • surgical diseases of the liver
  • the pancreas and extrahepatic biliary system
  • medical diseases of the kidney
  • surgical diseases of the kidney
  • the renal pelvis, ureter, urinary bladder and urethra
  • the testis, paratesticular structures, and male external genitalia
  • the prostate gland
  • the uterine cervix
  • the vulva and the vagina
  • the uterine corpus
  • the ovary and fallopian tube
  • the placenta and products of conception
  • the pituitary gland
  • the thyroid gland
  • the parathyroid gland
  • the adrenal gland
  • the neuroendocrine system
  • pathology of the peripheral nerves and paragangliomas
  • the ear
  • the eyes
  • the central nervous system.

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