Head and spine imaging


    • Gonzalez, Carlos F.
    • Grossman, Charles B.
    • Masdeu, Joseph C.


Head and spine imaging

edited by Carlos F. Gonzalez, Charles B. Grossman, Joseph C. Masdeu

(A Wiley medical publication)

Wiley, c1985

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Includes bibliographies and index



This is a definitive reference/atlas of the head, neck and spine imaging. Lavishly illustrated with examples of all imaging modalities, it gives special emphasis to the newest advances in NMR.


  • PART I: BASIC PRINCIPLES: Physics of Computed Tomography Scanning
  • Basic Radiologic Principles of Computed Tomography Scanning
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • Neurosonography
  • Positron Emission Tomography
  • The Role of Computed Tomography Imaging in Neurologic Diagnosis
  • PART II: ANATOMY: Brain Anatomy
  • PART III: BRAIN COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY SCANNING: Section 1 - Pathologic Cerebral Conditions in Adults: Intracranial Neoplasms of the Adult
  • Cerebrovascular Disorders
  • Intracranial Trauma
  • Infections and Inflammatory Diseases
  • Hydrocephalus and Atrophic and Degenerative Diseases
  • Computed Tomography in Radiation Therapy
  • Section 2 - Pathologic Cerebral Conditions in Children: Neoplastic Diseases
  • Computed Tomography of Head Trauma
  • Inflammatory Diseases
  • Congenital and Neonatal Disorders
  • PART IV: ORBITAL IMAGING: Computed Tomography of the Orbit
  • PART V: THE SKULL: The Sella and Suprasellar Region

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