Life cycle costing : techniques, models, and applications


Life cycle costing : techniques, models, and applications

by B.S. Dhillon

Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, c1989

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Bibliography: p. [283]-348

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Product acquisition involves an examination of the support cost of major equipment over its total life years. Depending on the type of equipment, support costs may range from 10 to 100 times the cost of acquisition. "Life Cycle Costing: Techniques, Models and Applications" offers a comprehensive approach to the entire field, and treats it in such a way that the reader requires no previous knowledge to understand the contents. It covers all advances and recent progress in life cycle costing from its history and definitions to current approaches. It is fully referenced for deeper study in any specific area (there are over 1150 references with an appendix) and contains more than 50 examples with their solutions. Subjects covered include reliability improvement warranty, computer hardware and software costing, vehicles life cycle costing, reliability engineering, life cycle costing in the aircraft industry, and processing systems costing. This work is intended for all engineers and senior students of engineering or business administration, administrators, cost analysts, researchers, academics, and anyone involved with equipment procurement.


  • Life cycle costing economics
  • life cycle costing basics
  • life cycle cost models
  • cost estimation techniques
  • manufacturing, quality and maintenance costs
  • warranties
  • cost estimation models
  • computer hardware and software costing
  • life cycle costing in the aircraft industry
  • life cycle costing of energy systems and on-surface vehicles
  • introduction to reliability
  • bibliography of literatures on life cycle costing and related areas.

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