High pressure chemical synthesis


High pressure chemical synthesis

edited by J. Jurczak and B. Baranowski

Elsevier, 1989

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The high pressure method of chemical synthesis is one of the most developed, unconventional tools for preparation of either new or known compounds and as a result there are a large number of interesting reviews in this field of chemistry. Developments in high-pressure inorganic and organic chemistry have been especially numerous and have been the subject of two earlier books Organic High Pressure Chemistry (W. le Noble, Elsevier, 1988) and Inorganic High Pressure Chemistry (R. van Eldik, Elsevier, 1986). This book, intended as a companion volume, highlights the specific problems of chemical synthesis. It has been written to increase the awareness of practising chemists of techniques which could prove advantageous, and to provide a useful summary of information to those engaged in high-pressure research.


Chapter 1. Introduction (B. Baranowski, J. Jurczak). 2. Synthesis of Superhard Materials (O. Fukunaga). 3. Synthesis of Metal Nitrides under High Nitrogen Pressure (S. Porowski et al.). 4. Synthesis of Metal Hydrides (B. Baranowski, S.M. Filipek). 5. Synthesis under Oxygen Pressure of Oxides with Unusual Oxidation State or Electronic Configuration of Transition Elements (G. Demazeau). 6. Synthesis of Organic Open Chain Compounds (N.S. Isaacs). 7. Synthesis of Carbocyclic Systems (J.W. Scheeren). 8. Synthesis of Monosaccharides and Related Compounds (A. Golebiowski et al.). 9. Synthesis of b-Lactams and other Heterocycles containing Nitrogen (M. Chmielewski, J. Jurczak). 10. Synthesis of Cryptands and Related Host Molecules (J. Jurczak, M. Pietraszkiewicz). 11. Organic Synthesis using Organometallic Reagents or Catalysts (J. Jurczak, A. Rahm). 12. Synthesis of Materials of Biological Interest (Y. Taniguchi). 13. Synthesis of Polymers (G. Luft). Synthesis of Basic Chemicals from Compressed Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen (G. Jenner). Author Index. Subject Index.

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