The medieval traveller



The medieval traveller

Norbert Ohler ; translated by Caroline Hillier

Boydell Press, 1989


Reisen im Mittelalter

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Originally published: Artemis Verlag, 1986



An interpretation of evidence from various medieval sources suggesting that travel in the Middle Ages was far more extensive and commonplace than would be expected. It covers the travellers and their routes, and emphasizes their importance to the exchange of ideas and the spread of civilization. The deterrents to, and dangers of, travelling are recreated as is the general uncertainty about maps and routes. Yet the author reveals that many diverse groups of people did set out on major journeys, and that the routes and tracks which they used have formed the basis of the modern European road network.


  • Part 1 Background and conditions: locality and climate
  • mounts, draught and pack animals
  • journeys by land river and sea
  • the importance of religion, trade and communications for travel
  • communication on the way
  • hospitality and inns
  • speed of travel
  • sovereignty and law
  • improving conditions for travellers
  • travel in the mountains
  • innovations
  • exploring the world
  • departures and arrivals, and the journey home. Part 2 Descriptions of travel in the Middle Ages: a flight
  • Boniface's travels
  • royal progresses
  • the voyages of the Norsemen and the Grettisaga
  • clerics on the road
  • a pilgrim's guide to Santiago de Compostela
  • journeys across Asia
  • educational journeys
  • Boccaccio's merchant's journey
  • Flagellant movements
  • towards the modern era.

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