Thermoreception and temperature regulation


Thermoreception and temperature regulation

J. Bligh, K. Voigt, eds

Springer-Verlag, c1990

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Based on papers presented at a symposium held in July 1988 at the Institute of Physiology of the University of Marburg, F.R.G

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This update provides the necessary background for both clinically- and activity - (sports and industry) applied aspects of thermal physiology. It ranges from the transduction of heat (or temperature) into afferent neural signals, including their organization and projection, to such matters as conscious perception of heat, the processes of short- and long-term adaptations, and fever. Special sections deal with the nature of the regulator and the integration of temperature regulation with other homeostatic functions, and with the division between behavioural and autonomic responses.

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As indicated in the Preface, the contributions to this volume are based upon the papers presented at the symposium on Thermoreceptors and Temperature Regula tion held in July 1988 at the Institute of Physiology of the University of Marburg (Federal Republic of Germany) to celebrate and commemorate the life and achievements of HERBERT HENSEL, who directed that Institute from 1955 until his death in 1983, and whose most notable and significant contributions to thermo physiology were in the areas of the properties and characteristics of thermo sensors, mammalian thermoregulation more generally, and the psychophysiology of ther mal sensation. All the papers in this volume deal, to a greater or lesser extent, with these discernibly different but closely allied aspects of mammalian physiology. The editors have sought to achieve cohesion, flow, and balance both in the contributed articles and in their order of presentation, without either large gaps or redundancies in the coverage of the recent advances in the understanding of thermoreceptors and thermoregulation. At the same time we have sought to avoid such a degree of editorial control as to destroy the individuality of the contributions, and the judgements upon which they were based. We have also sought to look both backwards and forwards, and to include some legitimate extension of the con sideration of thermosensitivity and thermoregulation into such areas as climatic adaptation and fever. Hence the "greater or lesser" of the closeness of this series of papers to HERBERT HENSEL'S scientific interests.


1 Transduction of Temperature into Cellular Responses.- 1.1 Whither Sensory Specificity?.- 1.2 Theories and Models of Temperature Transduction.- 1.3 Mechanism of Sensory Transduction in Cold Receptors.- 1.4 The Location and Function of Different Skin Thermoreceptors.- 1.5 Temperature Sensitivity of the Ampullae of Lorenzini of Elasmobranchs.- 1.6 Long-Term Modulation of Hypothalamic Neurons by Neuropeptides.- 2 Central Processing of Temperature Information.- 2.1 Correlations of Temperature Sensation and Neural Activity: A Second Approximation.- 2.2 Central Projections of Thermoreceptors.- 2.3 Processing of Thermal Information from the Face.- 2.4 Temperature-Evoked Sensation in Human Teeth: Two Components of Pain in Response to Cold Stimulation.- 2.5 Neural Basis of Cold Sensation.- 2.6 Cerebral Evoked Potentials Induced by Cutaneous Thermal Stimulation in Humans.- 2.7 A Neuronal Model Mimicking the Sensations Produced by a Cold Stimulus to the Skin.- 3 Epistemology.- 3.1 Physiology and Language. Epistemological Questions About Scientific Theories of Perception.- 4 Temperature and Functional Interactions.- 4.1 Cells, Cell-Talk and Mammalian Homeothermy.- 4.2 Negative Plus Positive Feedback.- 4.3 Temperature/Signal Relations of Thermoreceptors and Input/Output Relations of the Thermoregulatory System.- 4.4 Temperature Dependence of Thermal and Nonthermal Regulation: Hypothalamic Thermo- and Osmoregulation in the Duck.- 4.5 Control of Cardiorespiration During Shivering Thermogenesis in Pigeons.- 5 Adaptive Modification of Temperature Regulation.- 5.1 Long-Term and Short-Term Adaptive Phenomena in Temperature Regulation.- 5.2 Models of Cold and Warm Adaptation.- 5.3 Seasonal Adaptation of Thermoregulatory Heat Production in Small Mammals.- 5.4 Thermoreception and Temperature Regulation in Hibernators.- 6 Fever.- 6.1 The Neurobiology of Endogenous Pyrogens.- 6.2 The Role of Septal Peptides in Thermoregulation and Fever.- 6.3 Phylogeny of Fever.

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