Public policy in Britain


Public policy in Britain

Martin Burch and Bruce Wood

Cambridge, Mass., USA : B. Blackwell, 1990, c1989

2nd ed

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references and index



First published in 1983, this textbook is now published in a completely revised and updated form to take full account of changes in policy-making in the second half of Mrs Thatcher's first decade in power. It provides an original approach to the study and understanding of government in Britain by examining the politics surrounding the acquisition of resources necessary for policy making such as money, land and labour; the division of these between policy programmes and the implementation of these programmes as well as their effects upon the wider state. The approach thus shows not only what government is but also what it does (or chooses not to do), why and with what consequences for the citizen.


  • Part 1 Approaches and views: Introducing the "policy approach"
  • views of policy making. Part 2 Acquiring resources - the policy ingredients: Problems of acquiring resources - what, how and from whom. Part 3 Dividing resources: The criteria for choice
  • dividing resources - the politics of public expenditure. Part 4 Applying policies: The products of government
  • carrying out intentions
  • the consequences of government - outcomes and impact. Part 5 Conclusion: The policy approach reviewed.

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