The Soviet Union 1988 : essays from the Harriman Institute forum


The Soviet Union 1988 : essays from the Harriman Institute forum

edited by Paul Lerner

Crane Russak, 1989

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Much of Western news reporting on the USSR is lacking in substance and historical perspective. This volume provides general readers and scholars with major essays written by internationally respected specialists focusing on important topics in the Soviet Union. Subjects covered are not limited to foreign relations and domestic politics, but include economics, law and culture. Different views are provided - liberals and conservatives, Americans and non-Americans, professors and journalists, optimists and pessimists.


  • Gorbachev's new approach to conventional arms control, R.Legvold
  • the new enterprise law, R.E.Ericson
  • the USSR and the Third World - continuity and change under Gorbachev, N.MacFarlane
  • the Soviet leadership and the struggle for political reform, A.Brown
  • the frontiers of Soviet culture - reaching the limits?, N.Condee and V.Padunov
  • Moscow politics and the Eltsin affair, T.J.Colton
  • the millennium of the Baptism of Rus and Russian self-awareness, E.L.Keenan
  • the foreign economic factor in Perestroika, E.A.Hewett
  • legal reform in the Soviet Union, W.E.Butler
  • democratization "from the middle out", Soviet trade unions and Perstorika, P.Houslohner
  • history and politics under Gorbachev - professional autonomy and democratization, M.Von Hagen
  • human rights - a millennial year, R.B.Cullen.

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