The force of reason : an introduction to Habermas' Theory of communicative action


The force of reason : an introduction to Habermas' Theory of communicative action

Arie Brand

Allen & Unwin, 1990

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The work of Jurgen Habermas occupies a commanding position within contemporary social theory. His two-volume opus, "The Theory of Communicative Action", is the key text for an understanding of his contribution to current theoretical debates. However, as Arie Brand writes, the central importance of this massive and audacious work is not matched by its accessibility. "The Force of Reason" attempts to deal with this problem; it is written for students who want some preparation before undertaking the study of Habermas' main work, and for their teachers. By first tracing the main outlines of Habermas' theory, "The Force of Reason" provides an intellectual map which introduces key features of the theory of communicative action. Then, in a final chapter, the main arguments and critiques which have developed in the international discussion of Habermas' most important work are summarized. Arie Brand teaches sociology at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He has taught at the University of Aberdeen and at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. This book is intended for students and researchers in social and political theory.


  • Part 1 The theory in outline: From the philosophy of consciousness to communicative rationality - a paradigm change
  • Action, communicative rationality and the lifeworld
  • Interpretive understanding and the lifeworld
  • Rationalization and the system
  • The "colonization of the lifeworld". Part 2 Habermas and the great theorists: Mead and Durkheim the "linguistification" of the sacred
  • The "linguistification" of the sacred and Weber's rationalization thesis
  • The protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism - Weber's generalization from one historical case
  • Weber and the rationalization of law
  • Parsons and the systems theory
  • Marx and the "colonization of the lifeworld"
  • Critical comments.

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