Effective enforcement of planning control


Effective enforcement of planning control

John Alder with Scottish section by E. Young and Northern Ireland section by W.D. Trimble

BSP Professional, 1989

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Bibliography: p. 179

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Whenever a breach of planning control occurs, a local authority is entitled to serve an enforcement notice on the owners and occupiers to make them desist from the unauthorised use or building work taking place. Increasingly, these enforcement notices are backed up by injunctions. They are also entitled to serve a stop notice, but are often reluctant to do so, because if they serve it wrongly, they are liable to pay compensation. A high percentage of enforcement notices are quashed on appeal because they are defective and the whole subject is a procedural minefield. This book should therefore be read both by local authority planning departments seeking to serve enforcement and stop notices and by planning consultants, surveyors and solicitors wishing to attack such notices.


  • Preface
  • The development control system in outline
  • Development and planning permission
  • The decision to take enforcement action
  • Drafting an enforcement notice
  • Service of an enforcement notice
  • Challenging an enforcement notice
  • Implementing an enforcement notice
  • Supplementary methods of enforcement
  • Crownland, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Enforcement in special cases - (I)conservation
  • Enforcement in special cases - (II)amenity and safety
  • Reforms?
  • Appendices : The allocation of enforcement function
  • Town and Country Planning Act 1971 (as amended) - extract
  • Specimen enforcement notices.

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