Becoming delinquent : young offenders and the correctional process


Becoming delinquent : young offenders and the correctional process

edited by Peter G. Garabedian and Don C. Gibbons

Aldine Pub., [1970]

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Includes bibliographical references


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  • The incidence of hidden delinquency, by F. J. Murphy, M. M. Shirley, H. L. Witner
  • Discrimination in the handling of juvenile offenders by social control agencies, by R. M. Terry
  • Police encounters with juveniles, by I. Piliavin and S. Briar
  • The police and the delinquent in two cities, by J. Q. Wilson
  • The juvenile court
  • quest and realities, by E. M. Lemert
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  • Juvenile court actions and public response, by H. Parker
  • Attitutes of probation officers toward due process for juvenile offenders, by J. D. McMillin and P. G. Garabedian
  • Policy questions in delinquency control: perspectives of police and probation officers, by P. G. Garabedian