Narrow-gap semiconductors and related materials



Narrow-gap semiconductors and related materials

edited by David G. Seiler and C.L. Littler

A. Hilger, c1990

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"International Conference on Narrow-Gap Semiconductors and Related materials, Gaithersburg, Maryland, brought together 159 attendees from 14 countries, with 109 being from the United States"--Foreword

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The special characteristics of narrow-gap semiconductors have long been recognised, not only for their interesting physical effects, but also for their technological applications. Such materials are found across a wide range of elements, compounds and alloys. The International Conference on Narrow-gap Semiconductors and Materials (NIST, Gaithersburg) reviewed past research into the physics of both materials and devices, and summarised the present position, in the light of recent rapid developments in the semiconductor field. This major conference, the first of its kind since 1981, drew together 158 delegates from 14 countries. Invited reviews and invited and contributed papers covered III-VI, III-V and IV-VI compounds and various alloys. Topics considered ranged from the characterisation of artifically structured materials to the physics of infrared detector devices, as well as a review of high-Tc superconductors for infrared detection; this diversity is reflected in the reviews and papers presented here. This book will be of value to all scientists and engineers interested in narrow-gap semiconductors and needing to keep up to date with the rapid advances in this area.


New developments and trends in the physics and technology of narrow-gap semiconductors (R A Stradling). Brief survey of narrow-gap semiconductors, with particular reference to x-Sn and x-SnGe alloys (W Paul). Physics and applications of high-Tc superconductors for infrared detectors (P W Kruse). Electronic properties of band-inverted heterojunctions: supersymmetry in narrow-gap semiconductors (O A Pankratov). Quantum wires and quantum dots on indium antimonide (U Merkt). g-factor spectroscopy in narrow-gap semiconductors by optical four wave mixing (H Pascher). Far infrared spin resonance in narrow-gap semiconductors (M Dobrowolska). Physics and applications of IV-VI compound quantum well and superlattice structures (G Bauer). Narrow-gap II-VI superlattices: correlation of theory with experiment (J R Meyer). Novel, free-carrier-induced optical non-linearities of narrow-gap semiconductors (P A Wolff). Non-equilibrium modes of operation of narrow-gap semiconductor devices (C T Elliott). Physics and applications of IV-VI compound semiconductor lasers (H Preier). Design of III-V quantum well structures for long wavelength detector applications (G C Osbourn).

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