The New Oxford book of Irish verse


The New Oxford book of Irish verse

edited, with translations, by Thomas Kinsella

Oxford University Press, 1989

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Includes bibliographies and indexes



Verse in Irish, especially from the early and medieval periods, is felt to be the preserve of linguists and specialists, and Anglo-Irish poetry is usually seen as an adjunct to the English tradition. This anthology approaches the tradition as a whole and presents a relationship between two major bodies of poetry that reflects a shared and painful history. This selection is divided into three sections. The first section of the book begins with the earliest verse - pre-Christian poetry in Old Irish - and ends in the 14th century with the first Irish poetry to be created in the English language. The text then progresses from the 14th to the 18th centuries, presenting the age of bardic poetry, the "new" poetry in Irish that followed it, and the era of Swift and Goldsmith. The final section covers the 19th and 20th centuries, from the beggar-poet Raifteiri and his English-language contemporary Thomas Moore, to the works of a number of poets born around the time of Yeats' death.


  • Part 1 From the beginning to the 14th century: Dallan Forgaill
  • Columbanus
  • Blathmac Mac Con Brettan
  • "The Ulster Cycle"
  • "Exile of the Sons of Uisliu"
  • Derdriu
  • "How the Bulls were Begotten"
  • "The Tain"
  • a selection of monastic poems
  • Donatus
  • Sedulius Scottus
  • Oengus Ceile De
  • Mael Isu o Brolchain
  • Bishop Patrick
  • a selection of poems attributed to Colum Cille
  • a selection of verses attributed to Suibne Geilt
  • a selection of Fenian poems
  • Muireadhach Albanach o Dalaigh
  • Giolla Brighde Mac Con Midhe
  • Gofraidh Fionn o Dalaigh
  • Gearoid Iarla Mac Gearailt
  • Brother Michael of Kildare. Part 2 From the 14th to the 18th century: Tadhg Og o Huiginn
  • Maghnas o Domhnaill
  • Lochlann Og o Dalaigh
  • Tadhg Dall o Huiginn
  • Laoiseach Mac An Bhaird
  • Eochaidh o Heoghusa
  • Fear Flatha o Gnimh
  • Mathghamhain o Hifearnain
  • Seathrun Ceitinn
  • Padraigin Haicead
  • Piaras Feiritear
  • Daibhi o Bruadair
  • Tomas "Laidir" Mac Coisdealbhaigh
  • Luke Wadding
  • Seamas Dall Mac Cuarta
  • Jonathan Swift
  • Aogan o Rathaille
  • Cathal Bui Mac Giolla Ghunna
  • Oliver Goldsmith
  • Eoghan Rua o Suilleabhain
  • Eibhlin Dhubh ni Chonaill
  • Brian Merriman
  • Richard Brinsley Sheridan
  • folk poems and songs, prayers and charms from the Irish. Part 3 Antoine Raifteiri
  • Thomas Moore
  • James Clarence Mangan
  • Samuel Ferguson
  • Thomas Davis
  • William Allingham
  • W.B.Yeats
  • Padraig o Heigeartaigh
  • J.M.Synge
  • P.H.Pearse
  • Padraic Colum
  • Francis Ledwidge
  • Austin Clarke
  • Patrick Kavanagh
  • Samuel Beckett
  • Padraic Fallon
  • Louis MacNeice
  • Denis Devlin
  • Mairtin o Direain
  • Sean o Riordain
  • Valentin Iremonger
  • Richard Murphy
  • Thomas Kinsella
  • John Montague
  • Seamus Heaney
  • Derek Mahon
  • Seamus Deane
  • Michael Hartnett.

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