Molecular biology of HLA class II antigens


Molecular biology of HLA class II antigens

editor, Jack Silver

CRC Press, c1990

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This publication covers the recent veritable explosion in knowledge regarding the genetic organization, structure, and function of the HLA class II region. It deals with the nature of diversity of HLA class II alleles, the molecular basis of this diversity, and the mechanisms by which HLA class II expression is regulated. Also addressed is the relationship of class II polymorphism to susceptibility to autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, and pemphigus vulgaris. The book presents information on allele specific oligonucleotide (ASO) probes and their use in identifying susceptible individuals. It includes chapters which describe how cells transfected with HLA class II genes can be used for functional analysis. An appendix representing a compilation of all the known DR?? DQ?, DQ? sequences is included. This serves as an excellent source of comparison of newly derived sequences. This publication provides information on the enormous progress in the HLA field. It is intended for both the established investigator and the beginner.


Mapping of the HLA-D Region by Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis: Size Variation in Subregion Intervals. The T-Cell Perspective of the HLA-D Region. Hybrid Class II Molecules: Expression and Regulation. Isotypic Diversity and Function of HLA Class II Antigens. Analysis of Class II Products by DNA-Mediated Gene Transfer. Diversity of HLA Class II Genes and Haplotypes: Implications for Disease Susceptibility. HLA Class II Sequence Variation and Disease Susceptibility. Functional Importance of MHC Class II Polymorphism in Normal Immune Responses and Autoimmune Disease. Probing for Disease Susceptibility. Gene Conversion and the Generation of Polymorphism in Class II Genes of the Mouse Major Histocompatibility Complex. Diversity and Regulation of MHC Class II Genes. Transcriptional Regulation of HLA Class II Genes: Cis-Acting Elements and Trans-Acting Factors. Index.

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