The gentleman is a tramp : Charlie Chaplin's comedy


The gentleman is a tramp : Charlie Chaplin's comedy

by Claudia Clausius

Peter Lang, c1989

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Bibliography: p. [185]-190

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Speaking to us in the language of comedy, Charlie Chaplin's art has always brought the world closer together. At the same time, however, it deliberately, often insidiously puts us at odds with ourselves. What is responsible for this comic tension? And why do we find the humour irresistibly attractive? The answer greets us with a polite bow and tip of the derby - the Tramp. But whose creation is this gentleman tramp? Who holds the strings of the film marionette, Charlie - the puppeteer or the audience? The answer is, of course, both. In the collaboration between Chaplin and the spectator a comedy ignites which challenges as it delights and pricks as it tickles. Written in a straightforward manner with an eye to the amateur film enthusiast as well as the academic critic, this book investigates the Tramp character's evolution from the early shorts, through the sentimental middle period, to the darker, more cynical films and demonstrates how the comedy consistently uses the basic emotional/intellectual collision between Chaplin, the director, and Charlie, the Tramp, to evoke both laughter and reflection. Tackling both traditional and contemporary cinema criticism before analysing several of the key films The Gentleman is a Tramp takes a close-up look at the man in front of and behind the camera.


  • Contents: The Gentleman is a Tramp: Charlie Chaplin's Comedy explores the Chaplin/Charlie dichotomy in: 1) the dual function of the humour
  • 2) the duality of the comic medium
  • 3) the satire and parody of Chaplin's early work
  • 4) the montage technique of his middle period
  • 5) and the ironic process of his later works.

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