Therapeutic factors in group psychotherapy


Therapeutic factors in group psychotherapy

Sidney Bloch and Eric Crouch

(Oxford medical publications)

Oxford University Press, 1985

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ISBN 9780192613653


A clear and coherent account of how group therapy works. 'Bloch and Crouch provide a comprehensive and useful update on this critical subject...this volume is an excellent resource for the group therapy important, well-organized, and scholarly contribution to the literature. A realistic and admirable integrative summary of our current knowledge' Contemporary Psychology

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Although group psychotherapy is a long-established and popular mode of treatment, the basic reasons for its effectiveness remain ill-understood. This book offers a clear and coherent account of the knowledge that has accumulated on how group therapy works, and which particular elements of the process are responsible for its success. The authors have assembled the clinical lore, theoretical advances, and the empirical research available for each of the ten therapeutic factors that make up their classification. They also highlight the implications of this knowledge for general practice. Readership: psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, clinical psychologists, social psychologists, social workers.


  • Definition, classification, and methods of study
  • Insight (self-understanding)
  • Learning from interpersonal action (interaction)
  • Acceptance (cohesiveness)
  • Self-disclosure
  • Catharsis
  • Guidance
  • Universality, altruism, vicarious learning, and instillation of hope
  • Therapeutic factors overall
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix (tables)
  • Indexes.

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