New trends in gastric cancer : background and videosurgery


New trends in gastric cancer : background and videosurgery

edited by Peter I. Reed ... [et al.]

(Developments in oncology, 59)

Kluwer Academic Publishers, c1990

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Despite the fact that the incidence of gastric cancer is declining in the Western world, it remains a significant problem with respect to accurate diagnosis and treatment since it has a high mortality rate. In June 1989 an International Conference was held at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" entitled "New Trends in Gastric Cancer: Background and videosurgery". During this meeting background information on the aetiopathogenesis of gastric cancer was presented together with talks and video presentations on the latest advances in the treatment of gastric carcinoma, both from the European and Japanese experience. Because of the poor prognosis of gastric carcinoma there is increasing pressure for early detection. Some of the problems in the early detection of gastric carcinoma are discussed together with methods of surveillance of high-risk subjects. It is generally accepted that the surgical approach to gastric carcinoma should take into account the site and extent of the lesion and there are chapters on new methods for pre and intraoperative staging of the disease which allow a more logical approach to surgery. A comparison between Japanese and Western rule and results was attempted and reasons for the differences were investigated. Since the field is still evolving not all aspects could be covered, and those angles not approached in this book will be addressed in a second International Conference to be held in Rome in June 1990.


Section 1 Background.- 1 Epidemiology and machanism of gastric carcinogenesis.- 2 Histiogenesis and precursors of human gastric cancer.- 3 N-nitroso compounds, gastric carcinogenesis and chemoprevention.- 4 Analytical problems in the determination of N-nitroso compounds in gastric juice.- 5 Early detection of patients at high risk of developing gastric cancer.- 6 Prospects for early detection of gastric cancer and precancerous lesions.- Section 2 New Trends in Diagnosis.- 7 New trends in electronic videoendoscopy of the digestive tract.- 8 Endosonography: its diagnostic utilities for gastric cancer.- 9 Flow cytometry in gastric cancer.- Section 3 Surgical Treatment of Gastric Cancer.- 10 Intraoperative staging in gastric cancer surgery.- 11 New technologies in gastric cancer surgery: Computer system to make operation plan and intraoperative staining of regional lymph nodes for complete dissection.- 12 The general rule of the Japanese Research Society for Gastric Cancer and treatment results by the rule.- 13 A European multicentre retrospective study in cancer of stomach.- 14 Surgical treatment of gastric cancer: our elective procedures for desirable curability.- 15 "Regional" gastrectomy.- 16 Total gastrectomy in the surgical treatment of gastric cancer.- 17 The role of extensive surgery in advanced gastric cancer.- 18 The importance of extended lymphadenectomy in gastric cancer surgery.- 19 Duodenopancreatectomy for gastric cancer.- 20 Reconstruction after total gastectomy.

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