The study of elites


The study of elites

edited by John Scott

(Schools of thought in sociology / series editor, John Urry, 1 . The sociology of elites / edited by John Scott ; v. 1)(An Elgar reference collection)

Edward Elgar, c1990

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The study of elites has long figured as a central element in sociological theorizing and analysis. The origins of the sociological concept of 'elite' lie in the anti-Marxist writings of the Italian theorists, Pareto and Mosco, who sought to construct an alternative vocabulary to the Marxian emphasis on 'class' and 'class conflict'. From the beginning the study of elites was a highly political and contentious area of debate. This exhaustive three volume set presents those articles which best illustrate the diversity and fruitfulness of work on the sociology of elites. The Sociology of Elites is an essential reference that university libraries world-wide will want to acquire to complete their collection in this important area of research.


VOLUME I CONTENTS: Introduction Part I - Conceptual And Methodological Issues A. Giddens (1972), 'Elites in the British Class Structure' S. F. Nadel (1956), 'The Concept of Social Elites' M. Janowitz (1956), 'Social Stratification and the Comparative Analysis of Elites' C. W. Mills (1958), 'The Structure of Power in American Society' R. A. Dahl (1958), 'A Critique of the Ruling Elite Model' W. Kornhauser (1961), '"Power Elite" or "Veto Groups"' W. L. Guttsman (1960), 'Social Stratification and the Political Elite' H. H. Gerth and C. W. Mills (1942), 'A Marx for the Managers' I. Balbus (1971), 'Ruling Elite Theory vs Marxist Class Analysis' Part II - Political Elites C. W. Mills (1963), 'The American Political Elite: A Collective Portrait' A. Potter (1962), 'The American Governing Class' A. Hacker (1961), 'The Elected and the Annointed: Two American Elites' B. Mintz (1975), 'The President's Cabinet 1897-1972: A Contribution to the Power Structure Debate' P. J. Freitag (1975), 'The Cabinet and Big Business: A Study of Interlocks' H. J. Laski (1928), 'The Personnel of the English Cabinet, 1801-1924' W. L. Guttsman (1951), 'The Changing Social Structure of the British Political Elite, 1886-1935' R. W. Johnson (1973), 'The British Political Elite 1955-1972' T. Nairn (1964), 'The British Political Elite' Part III - Economic Elites C. W. Mills (1945), 'The American Business Elite: A Collective Portrait' W. Miller (1950), 'The Recruitment of the American Business Elite' G. W. Domhoff (1975), 'Social Clubs, Policy-Planning Groups, and Corporations: A Network Study of Ruling-Class Cohesiveness' M. Useem (1982), 'Classwide Rationality in the Politics of Managers and Directors of Large Corporations in the United States and Great Britain' R. Whitley (1973), 'Commonalities and Connections Among Directors of Large Financial Institutions' P. Stanworth and A. Giddens (1975), 'The Modern Corporate Economy: Interlocking Directorships in Britain, 1906-1970' A. B. Thomas (1978), 'The British Business Elite: The Case of the Retail Sector' M. Lisle-Williams (1984), 'Beyond the Market: The Survival of Family Capitalism in the English Merchant Banks' M. Lisel-Williams (1984), 'Merchant Banking Dynasties in the English Class Structure: Ownership, Solidarity and Kinship in the City of London, 1850-1960' Name Index VOLUME II CONTENTS: Introduction Part I - Managerialist and Mainstream Perspectives G. C. Means (1930), 'The Diffusion of Stock Ownership in the United States' R. A. Gordon (1936), 'Stockholdings of Officers and Directors in American Industrial Corporations' R. A. Gordon (1938), 'Ownership by Management and Control Groups in the Large Corporation' R. J. Larner (1966), 'Ownership and Control in the 200 Largest Nonfinancial Corporations, 1929 and 1963' Part II - Critical Perspectives D. Villarejo (1961, 1962), 'Stock Ownership and the Control of Corporations' M. Zeitlin (1974), 'Corporate Ownership and Control: The Large Corporation and the Capitalist Class' M. P. Allen (1976), 'Management Control in the Large Corporation: Comment on Zeitlin' M. Zeitlin (1976), 'On ClassTheory of the Large Corporation: Response to Allen' Part III - Comparative Perspectives A. Francis (1980), 'Families, Firms and Finance Capital: The Development of UK Industrial Firms with Particular Reference to Their Ownership and Control' J. Scott and M. Hughes (1976), 'Ownership and Control in a Satellite Economy: A Discussion from Scottish Data' J. Scott (1987), 'Intercorporate Structure in Britain, the United States and Japan' H. Okumura (1984), 'Enterprise Groups in Japan' Part IV - Financiers and Corporate Rule R. Fitch and M. Oppenheimer (1970), 'Who Rules the Corporations?' J. O'Connor (1971), 'Question: Who Rules the Corporations? Answer: The Ruling Class' R. Fitch (1971), 'Reply to James O'Connor' P.M. Sweezy (1971), 'The Resurgence of Financial Control: Fact or Fancy?' R. Fitch (1972), 'Sweezy and Corporate Fetishism' Name Index VOLUME III CONTENTS: Introduction Part I - General Perspectives M. Fennema and H. Schijf (1978-9), 'Analysing Interlocking Directorates: Theory and Methods' S. D. Berkowitz (1978-9), 'The Determination of Enterprise Groupings Through Combined Ownership and Directorship Ties' Part II - Interest Groups and the Inner Circle P. M. Sweezy (1953), 'Interest Groups in the American Economy' P. C. Dooley (1969), 'The Interlocking Directorate' J. H. Levine (1972), 'The Sphere of Influence' M. P. Allen (1978), 'Economic Interest Groups and the Corporate Elite Structure' M. Useem (1978), 'The Inner Group of the American Capitalist Class' D. Bunting (1976-77), 'Corporate Interlocking' B. Mintz and M. Schwartz (1981), 'The Structure of Intercorporate Unity in American Business' B. Mintz and M. Schwartz (1983), 'Financial Interest Groups and Interlocking Directorates' Part III - Interlock Networks: Comparative Research M. Useem and A. McCormack (1981), 'The Dominant Segment of the British Business Elite' J. Scott and M. Hughes (1980), 'Capital and Communication in Scottish Business' Y. Ueda (1986), 'Intercorporate Networks in Japan: A Study of Interlocking Directorates in Modern Large Corporations' M. K. Carroll (1982), 'The Canadian Corporate Elite: Financiers or Finance Capitalists?' B. W. Stening and Wai T. Wan (1984), 'Interlocking Directorates Among Australia's Largest 250 Corporations 1959-1979' F. N. Stokman, J. van der Knoop and F. W. Wasseur (1988), 'Interlocks in the Netherlands: Stability and Careers in the Period 1960-1980' Name Index

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