Nationalism and communism in Romania : the rise and fall of Ceausescu's personal dictatorship


Nationalism and communism in Romania : the rise and fall of Ceausescu's personal dictatorship

Trond Gilberg

Westview Press, c1990

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Nationalism & communism in Romania

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This book assesses the interplay and conflict between nationalism and communism in the formulation and execution of Romanian domestic and foreign policy. Dr Gilberg traces the roots of nationalism in Romanian history and examines the extent to which strands from the political, military, and literary legacy of the pre-communist era have been woven into the political fabric of contremporary Romania. He also examines the importance of Marxist-Leninist doctrine in establishing the country's political system after World War II, discussing the idiosyncracies that typify the Romanian version of Marxism-Leninism. Investigating the policies and programmes, successes and failures of communism in practice, Dr Gilberg concludes that Romania's political system represented a mix of traditional Romanian nationalism, orthodox communist ideology, and the attitudes and values of the Ceausescu clan - particularly those of Nicolae Ceausescu. The mix was unique, but at the same time contained elements that were common to all communist sytems in Eastern Europe. It also contained within itself the elements that led to the downfall of the Ceausescu regime. The author assesses the interplay of these elements and their culminations in the dramatic events of December 1989. The downfall of Romania's form of national communism has international implications, creating potential instability in an important part of the world. Both the Soviet Union and the West will be pressed to assess their relationship with Romania's new leadership and the ramifications of an evolving socio-economic and political order.


  • Romanian nationalism and national communism
  • Romania as a modernizing society
  • Romania and the world
  • Romania in the 1990s
  • the relationship of domestic and external factors in building Romania's future
  • nationalism and communism - an overview
  • Ceausescu's overthrow and the new leadership.

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