Gustav Holst : the man and his music


Gustav Holst : the man and his music

Michael Short

Clarendon Press , Oxford University Press, c1990

  • : U.S

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Gustav Holst's "Planets" suite has become established as one of the classics of twentieth-century orchestral music. Michael Short has prepared a detailed book on the life and work of Holst, having worked closely with Holst's daughter Imogen until her death in 1984. Short was allowed access to all Holst's documents including his letters and diaries. The resulting book contains much information which has come to light since the publication of Imogen Holst's biography of her father fifty years ago. The book includes a biography, an analysis of Holst's musical style and a substantial reference section. It will be of interest to music students, musicologists, musicians and the general musical reader.


  • Early years (1874-93)
  • the student (1893-98)
  • the orchestral musician (1898-1903)
  • the teacher (1903-08)
  • from Sanskrit to folk-music (1908-11)
  • from school to Queen's hall (1911-13)
  • astrology and the war (1913-16)
  • music at Thaxted (1916-17)
  • wartime in London (1917-18)
  • barrack-room and university (1918-20)
  • growing fame (1920-22)
  • international acclaim (1922-24)
  • "real composer and tame cat" (1924-25)
  • lectures and festivities (1925-27)
  • commision and competition (1927-28)
  • "life is moderately pleasing" (1929-30)
  • from Hammersmith to the USA (1930-32)
  • final years (1932-34)
  • epilogue (1934)
  • the legacy
  • Holst's musical style - rhythm and metre, melody and counterpoint, tonality, harmony, form, orchestration and intrumental writing, choral and vocal writing
  • Holst's character - a pheneological analysis
  • Holst's compositions - a classified list
  • personalia - notes on people connected with Holst's career.

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