A commentary on Livy : books XXXI-XXXIII


A commentary on Livy : books XXXI-XXXIII

by John Briscoe

(Clarendon paperbacks)

Clarendon Press , Oxford University Press, 1989

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Books XXXI - XXXIII of Livy cover the period of the second Macedonian War, the critical years which marked the beginning of Rome's domination of the Hellenistic World. This new paperback edition of Briscoe's standard commentary (the first on these books since the nineteenth century) is largely historical, but it also attempts to deal with stylistic matters. Where Polybius survives Livy's version is compared in detail with its source. Introductory sections contain discussions of Livy's use of his sources, his language and style, the speeches, the political situation in Rome at the time of the Second Macedonian War, and Livy's account of the origins of the war.


  • Part 1 Introduction: sources and methods of composition
  • language and style
  • the speeches
  • Flamininus and Roman politics
  • Livy's account of the outbreak of the Second Macedonian War
  • text. Part 2 Commentary: books XXXI,XXXII and XXXIII. Appendices.

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