The Major languages of South Asia, the Middle East and Africa


The Major languages of South Asia, the Middle East and Africa

edited by Bernard Comrie

(The Major languages)

Routledge, 1990

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First published as part of the World's major languages in 1987, reprinted with revisions and additional materials in 1990

Includes bibliographies and index



Based on the much-praised The World's Major Languages, this is the first comprehensive guide in paperback to describe the development, grammar sound and writing system, and sociological factors of the major language families in these areas.


Introduction Bernard Comrie 1. Indo-Ayran Languages George Cardona, University of Pennsylvania 2. Sanskrit George Cardona 3. Hindi-Urdu Yamuna Kachru, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 4. Bengali M.H. Klaiman, California State University, Fullerton 5. Iranian Languages J.R. Payne, University of Manchester 6. Persian Gernot L. Windfuhr , University of Michigan 7. Pashto D.N. Mackenzie, University of Gottingen 8. Afroasiatic Languages Robert Hetzron, University of California Santa Barbara 9. Semitic Languages Robert Hetzron 10. Arabic Alan S. Kaye, California State University, Fullerton 11. Hebrew Robert Hetzron 12. Hausa and the Chadic Languages Paul Newman, Indiana University 13. Tamil and the Dravidian Languages Sanford B. Steever, Central Indian Institute of Languages 14. Niger-Korfordian Languages Douglas Pulleyblank, University of Southern California 15. Yoruba Douglas Pulleyblank 16. Swahili and the Bantu Languages Benji Wald, National Centre for Bilingual Research (USA) Language Index

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