Measurement and analysis of mortality : new approaches


Measurement and analysis of mortality : new approaches

edited by Jacques Vallin, Stan D'Souza, and Alberto Palloni

(International studies in demography)

Clarendon Press, 1990


Mesure et analyse de la mortalité

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Translation of: Mesure et analyse de la mortalité

Includes bibliographical references



A volume of essays on methodological issues in the study of human mortality. It aims to provide a comprehensive survey of current areas of research. The papers are divided into three sections. The first looks at standard and new approaches to data collection on mortality and includes previously unpublished results on population laboratories. The second and third sections look at latest methods and modes of measurement and examine approaches to mortality differentials and causes with reference to specific case studies.


  • Part 1 Classic approaches and new possibilities for collecting mortality data: the 1982 data base update of the population laboratory at Matlab, Bangladesh - implications for mortality analysis, Stan D'Souza et al
  • the IFORD surveys, Etienne van de Walle
  • the collection of mortality data in WFS and DHS surveys, Jeremiah M.Sullivan
  • epidemiologic methods and case-control studies of mortality and morbidity, Ronald H.Gray
  • anthropological approaches for the study of mortality and morbidity, Chukwudum Uche
  • approaches to assessment of the cause structure of mortality - a case-study from Bangladesh, Susan Zimicki
  • assessing probably causes of death using a standardized questionaire - a study in rural Senegal, M.Garenne and O.Fontaine
  • reliability of lay reporting of morbidity and cause-of-death data, an evaluation of reported cases and deaths from measles in rural Senegal, Patience W.Stephens. Part 2 Models and methods of analysis applied to mortality: a promising source of data for measuring childhood mortality in Africa - maternity or pre-natal consultation registers - the case for Abidjan, 1980, Philipe Fargues
  • evaluation of model life tables for East Africa, Douglas C.Ewbank
  • assessing the levels and impact of mortality in crisis situations, Alberto Palloni
  • the influence of cohort effects on differentials and trends in mortality, Graziella Caselli
  • classification of developed countries according to cause-of-death patterns - a test of robustness during the period 1968-1974, Nicolas Brouard
  • cause of death and expectation of life - some international comparisons, John H.Pollard. Part 3 Approaches for studying differentials and causes: the causes of death in France, 1925-1978 - reclassification according to the eighth revision of the international classification of diseases, Jacques Vallin and France Mesle
  • mortality differentials from a multiple-cause-of-death perspective, Charles B.Nam
  • studies of causes of death in Latin America - the current situation and future perspectives, Juan Chackiel
  • socio-economic careers and differential mortality among older men in the United States, Robert D.Mare
  • assessing morbidity levels from mortality measurements - the case of cancer in Italy, 1955-1979, Vivana Egidi et al.

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