Advances in neurology : proceedings of the XIVth World Congress of Neurology held in New Delhi, India, October 22-27 1989


Advances in neurology : proceedings of the XIVth World Congress of Neurology held in New Delhi, India, October 22-27 1989

editors, J.S. Chopra, K. Jagannathan, I.M.S. Sawhney

(International congress series, no. 883)

Excerpta Medica, 1990

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This volume is based on the proceedings of four full day Main Theme Symposia held during the `XIV World Congress on Neurology', 22-27 October 1989 in New Delhi, India. The contributions, submitted by internationally renowned scientists, review the current state-of-the-art on specific, compelling problems encountered daily in neurology. The book is divided into five sections, each of which assumes a different topic as its focal point. The first section deals with Cerebrovascular Disease (CVD), and is devoted to both acute and chronic CVD. CVD was the main theme eight years ago during the XII World Congress of Neurology in Kyoto and since then many new developments have taken place relating to the diagnosis and management thereof. Among topics discussed are epidemiology, mechanism of cerebral ischaemia and medical management of acute stroke, and areas pertaining to stroke-in-young, including acute cerebral venous occlusions and arterial strokes. AIDS, the twentieth century plague is spreading uninhibited throughout the world and continues to attract the attention of neuroscientists because of its numerous neurological complications.


Content headings: CEREBROVASCULAR DISEASE . Neuroepidemiology of cerebrovascular disease: An overview (B.P.M. Schulte). Sudden cerebral arterial occlusion (H. Mochizuki, M. Tobita and K. Kogure). Treatment of acute cerebral ischemia by colloid solutions (A. Hartmann, H. Lagreze, K. Broich and M. Fric). Acute intracranial venous thrombosis (J.S. Chopra and S.K. Bansal) Transient ischemic attacks (TIA) (J.F. Toole) Strokes (CVD) in the young (P.M. Dalal et al.). Management of ischemic strokes (F.M. Yatsu and J.C. Grotta). Vascular dementia: Terminology and classification (C. Loeb). Pharmacologic treatment of multi-infarct dementia (M.M. Cohen, L. de Toledo-Morrell and F. Morrell). Cerebral blood flow and metabolism in chronic cerebrovascular disease with emphasis on the clinical use of CBF tomography by spect in vascular dementia (N.A. Lassen and G. Waldemar). Vascular disease and dementia (M.D. O'Brien). The assessment of multi-infarct dementia (V. Hachinski). The design of clinical trials on vascular dementia (R.S. Black and J.P. Blass). The management of chronic cerebral ischemia (H. Lechner and R. Schmidt). AIDS AND IMMUNODEFICIENCY . Neurobiology of human immunodeficiency virus infection (R.T. Johnson). The epidemiology of neurologic complications of HIV infection (R.S. Janssen). Neuropathology of AIDS (H. Budka). Neuro-AIDS in a large teaching hospital in Africa (A.M. Adam). Pediatric AIDS: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) brain infection in children (L.G. Epstein). Peripheral neuropathies in patients infected by the immunodeficiency virus (P. Chavanet). CSF changes in chronic HIV encephalitis and opportunistic infections of the brain (K. Felgenhauer, W. Luer, T. Weber, P. Rieckmann and S. Poser). Neurological manifestations of the immunodeficiencies (D.H. Silberberg). TROPICAL NEUROLOGY Tropical neurology: Progress and contributions (G.C. Roman). From tropical spastic paraparesis to neurological manifestations of HTLV1 infection (J.-C. Vernant, G.G. Buisson, N. Monplaisir and J. Hugon). HAM/TSP: Global review and WHO-diagnostic guidelines (M. Osame). Recent developments in leprosy research (M.F.R. Waters). Cysticercosis of the central nervous system (A. Spina-Franca). Short-course chemotherapy for tuberculous meningitis (P. Phuapradit and A. Vejjajiva). Intracranial tuberculomata: Unresolved problems (P.N. Tandon). The epidemiology of multiple sclerosis in Africa and Asia (C.M. Poser). Heredodegenerative diseases in Africa (M. Ben Hamida). Epidemiology of dementia in Nigerian Africans (B.O. Osuntokun, A.O. Ogunniyi, U.G. Lekwauwa, T.A. Junaid, A.O.G. Adeuja and O. Bademosi). African tropical myeloneuropathies (M. Dumas, C. Giordano and I.P. Ndiaye) Myelopathy of congenital atlanto-axial dislocation (N.H. Wadia, M.H. Bhatt, M.M. Desai and S. Vijayaraghavan). REHABILITATION AND RESTORATIVE NEUROLOGY . Neurological rehabilitation and restorative neurology: Introduction. (O. Hook).

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