Computer models and technology in media research


Computer models and technology in media research

edited by Rolf A. Zwaan and Dietrich Meutsch

Elsevier Science Publishers, 1990

大学図書館所蔵 件 / 9



Includes indexes



Presented in this volume is an interdisciplinary overview of the role of computer models and technology in research on language, literature and the media. The reader is offered nine contributions by experts in the following fields: artificial intelligence, linguistics, cognitive psychology, cybernetics and literary studies. The topics which are discussed include: text analysis, text-production, natural language understanding, expert systems design, psychological experiments, human-computer interaction and epistemological issues in cognitive science.


On the role of computer models and technology in literary and media studies (D. Meutsch, R.A. Zwaan). Artificial Intelligence looks at natural language (J. Dinsmore, C. Moehle). Artificial Intelligence and the study of literary narrative (N.M. Ide, J. Veronis). Cognition, semantics and computers (M.C. Bettoni). A survey of question answering in natural language processing (S. Wermter, W.G. Lehnert). Writing, thinking, computing (J.B. Smith, C.F. Smith). The role of questioning in knowledge engineering and the interface of expert systems (K.L. Lang, A.C. Graesser, D.D. Hemphill). A cognitive (Artificial Intelligence + computational linguistics) approach to the analysis of natural language messages (G.P. Zarri). Analysis of self-regulation in learning from instructional text by means of "computer-assisted videoreconstruction" (CaV) (G.C. Kunz, U. Drewniak, F. Schott).

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