Precast concrete piles


    • FIP Commission on Prefabrication


Precast concrete piles

[FIP Commission on Prefabrication.]

(FIP technical report)

T. Telford, 1986

  • pbk.

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This technical report covers all aspects of the uses of precast concrete piles - design, manufacture, transport, handling, pitching and driving. Both reinforced and prestressed concrete piles are dealt with and attention is paid to the use of both plan piles and those with enlarged toes. Although the report is a translation of parts of a set of three volumes prodduced in the Netherlands, those parts reproduced are internationally applicable. Special sections deal with the effects of pile driving on adjacent buildings and theor occupants - both as regards vibration and noise.


  • Design aspects-methods of production and turnover
  • delivery programme, operational loads
  • control methods and checks
  • applications of soil conditions
  • cost aspects
  • technical aspects-quality of concrete
  • quality of reinforcing steel
  • summary of regulations, codes and standards
  • action of forces
  • dimensioning
  • calculations of rules for reinforcement
  • experience of users
  • execution of pile driving-driving equipment
  • driving procedure
  • problems during driving-causes and remedies
  • constructional adjustments
  • drive vibrations
  • sound aspects.

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