Connective tissue matrix


Connective tissue matrix

edited by David W.L. Hukins

(Topics in molecular and structural biology)

Macmillan Press, 1984-1990

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The emphasis in this volume is on how connective tissue matrix changes its properties and influences biological processes. Chapter one provides a general overview of the subject and subsequent chapters provide specific examples. It is intended as a sequel to volume five. The structure of connective tissue matrices are responsible for many of the remarkable mechnical properties of the body. In the musculo-skeletal system, the contractile properties of muscle are often emphasised while such tissues as bone, tendon, ligament and cartilage are sometimes considered to be static, inert and relatively unimportant. However, the rigidity of bone is essential for locomotion, it is constantly being remodelled, and it acts as a reservoir of calcium in the body. Tendons, ligaments and cartilages have a similar macromolecular composition but do not contain mineral, so that they lack the rigidity of bone. Their internal structures enable them to withstand the high forces to which they are subjected and, at least in the case of tendons and ligaments, these structures are dynamic so that the response of the tissues adapts to the magnitude of the applied force. Indeed, connective tissues are even implicated in the properties of muscles themselves, as described in chapter six. Many other biological systems rely on connective tissues for their mechanical properties - blood vessels (chapter seven) and uterine cervix (chapter eight) provide examples.


  • Dynamic Aspects of Connective Tissue Structure and Function
  • D.W.L.Hukins - The Role of the Extracellular Matrix in Development
  • J.B.L.Bard - Solute Transport in Articular Cartilage and Interverterbral Disc
  • J.P.G.Urban - Poroelastic Finite Element Models for Soft Tissue Structures
  • B.R.Simon - Electromechanical and Physiological Regulation of Cartilage Strength and Metabolism
  • A.J.Grodzinsky & E.H.Frank - The Structure and Function of Intramuscular Connective Tissue
  • P.P.Purslow & V.C.Duance - Physicochemical Properties of Vascular Elastin
  • C.P.Winlove & K.H.Parker - Structural Basis of Dilation of the Cervix
  • R.M.Aspden - MR Imaging of Tissue Degeneration
  • D.S.Hickey et al - Tissue Repair with the Aid of Carbon Fibre
  • R.J.Minns - Index

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