Working effectively with administrative groups


Working effectively with administrative groups

Ronald W. Toseland, Paul H. Ephross, editors

(Social work with groups series)

Haworth Press, c1987

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Published also as v. 10, no. 2, summer 1987 of Social work with groups

Includes bibliographies



Two leaders in the field of social work with groups address the need for more knowledge about the collective processes and practices centered around the task of work objectives. In this important book the editors have assembled a rich collection of articles on work with administrative groups. Contributors demonstrate how groups in the workplace, particularly those in social welfare agencies, can be facilitated in achieving objectives by the professional approach of the skilled group worker. Concepts are presented for analyzing the group processes and group dynamics found in administrative groups. The practical skills needed for serving as effective leaders and members of administrative groups are discussed, as well as qualitative and quantitative approaches for examining the efficacy of administrative group meetings.


Contents Towards a Model of Working Groups by Paul H. Ephross and Thomas V. Vassil Groups as Substance and Symbol: Group Processes and Organizational Politics by Burton Gummer Effective Meetings: Some Provisional Rules and Needed Research by John E. Tropman Effective Group Membership by Harvey Bertcher The Day the Roof Could Have Fallen In: Some Naturalistic Observations About Board Committees, Professional Behaviors, and the Development of a Working Group by Elaine Finnegan Treatment Conferences: Task Groups in Action by Ronald W. Toseland, Andre Ivanoff and Steven R. Rose Group versus Individual Decision Making: An Experimental Analysis by Liane V. Davis and Ronald W. Toseland

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