A catalogue of French harpsichord music, 1699-1780


A catalogue of French harpsichord music, 1699-1780

Bruce Gustafson and David Fuller

Clarendon Press, 1990

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Includes indexes



This catalogue completes the bibliographic survey of French harpsichord music begun in Bruce Gustafson's French Harpsichord Music of the Seventeenth Century: A Thematic Catalogue of Sources with Commentary (Ann Arbor, 1979). It has entries for all of the printed music known to have existed, over 230 volumes, and 150 manuscripts. It offers precise transcriptions of the title pages, full contents, dating, locations, editions, facsimiles, evaluations in the contemporary press, identifications of dedicatees, and stylistic comments. The eighteenth-century French harpsichord repertory is shown to extend from 1699 to about 1780, from Louis Marchand's Pieces de clavecin to the four Symphonies concertantes by Jean-Francois Tapray that juxtapose the harpsichord and piano as solo instruments. All original keyboard music is included. Since the introduction of the piano into France occurred during the twenty years preceding 1780, this Catalogue includes some music that may have been intended for that instrument rather than for the harpsichord. This period of transition is discussed in full in the Introduction.


  • Explanation of the catalogue. Printed sources: inventories of all known printed sources. Manuscript sources: summaries of all known manuscripts
  • inventories of selected manuscripts. Appendices: A - chronological list of printed and manuscript music
  • B - list of printed and manuscript music by medium
  • C - additions and corrections to Gustafson-79 (footnotes for appendix C).

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