Myths and realities of academic administration


Myths and realities of academic administration

Patricia R. Plante with Robert L. Caret

(The American Council on Education/Macmillan series on higher education)

American Council on Education : Macmillan, c1990

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Do new administrators really experience a honeymoon period? Is a confrontation with a hostile faculty a certainty? With an eye toward the ideal but a foot planted firmly in reality, this book views the crumbling of ten major myths about academic administration. Over 125 executives from colleges of all types and sizes were polled and responded with their experiences of today's most prevalent misconceptions. Myths explored and exploded include how administrators inherit untouchables, yearn for the classroom, equivocate, and are torn by conflicting constituencies. This volume, with its candid comments, ventures to transcend the silence surrounding the intimate concerns, pressures, ideals and realities of the chief executive position while effecting new debate and personal reflection.

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