Promoting excellence through performance management


Promoting excellence through performance management

William K. Redmon, Alyce M. Dickinson, editors

Haworth Press, c1990

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Performance management

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Published also as Journal of organizational behavior management, vol. 11, no. 1, 1990

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In this new book, the latest information and technology in OBM are presented by the foremost experts in the field. Promoting Excellence Through Performance Management is intended to update research and application in the field of performance management and OBM. The contents are equally divided across research and practice and represent a cross section of recent work by well known consultants and academicians.Research chapters concentrating on issues such as pay for performance systems, safety, performance improvement in service and nonprofit public organizations, and factors that influence successful consultation, present needed information. This information responds to current needs of business for technology and knowledge, aiding management in developing better OBM strategies that work. The discussion and review chapters present an excellent array of challenges that management may face in this decade. Topics analyzed range from labor-management relations and organization-wide assessment and implementation strategies, to worker motivation, and marketing OBM technology. These valuable discussions shed light on the current thinking of academicians, consultants, and consumers on these critical topics. In applying the research and analysis presented in this practical book, management will strive toward a more productive work environment, making the promise of OBM a reality.Promoting Excellence Through Performance Management can be used for management training or as a text for graduate and advanced undergraduate courses in psychology, management, and engineering. Performance management consultants; academicians who teach industrial/organizational psychology, industrial engineering, and management courses; and management training professionals who design and implement staff development programs in large and medium-sized companies will want to read this essential book for the latest information in organizational behavior management.


Contents Introduction Part I: Research Studies in Performance Management Overview of Research Articles Work Productivity as a Function of the Percentage of Monetary Incentives to Base Pay Suggestive Selling by Waitstaff in Family-Style Restaurants: An Experiment and Multisetting Observations A Daily-Adjusted Goal-Setting and Feedback Procedure for Improving Productivity in a University Admissions Department Behavioral Competency Requirements for Organization Development Consultants Improving Occupational Safety in a Large Industrial Plant: A Systematic Replication Part II: Issues in Performance Management Implementation Overview of Discussion and Review Articles Using the Vantage Analysis Chart to Solve Organization-Wide Problems Performance Management and Occupational Safety: Start With a Safety Belt Program Decreasing Intrinsic "Motivation" With Extrinsic Rewards: Easier Said Than Done Working the Other Side of the Street: Can Organizational Behavior Management Help Unions to Change Management? Getting Buy-In at the Executive Level

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