Model cell culture systems for studying differentiation


Model cell culture systems for studying differentiation

editor Paul B. Fisher

(Mechanisms of differentiation, v. 1)

CRC Press, c1990

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Bibliography: p. 152-159

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Significant recent advances in cell culture technology now permit a detailed biochemical and molecular analysis of differentiation in both normal and tumor cells. These studies are important in attempting to understand the complex factors involved in normal growth and development, as well as the abnormalities associated with carcinogenesis. Mechanisms of Differentiation, Volumes I and II, is comprised of review chapters addressing various topics of current interest in this important area of research. Topics discussed include genes controlling differentiation, changes in gene expression during differentiation, induction of differentiation, induction of differentiation as a mode of action of chemotherapeutic agents, and the effect of cell shape, growth factors and differentiation modulating agents on the differentiated cell phenotype. Mechanisms of Differentiation is valuable to researchers involved in differentiation and development, carcinogenesis, cell biology, chemotherapy, and immunology.


VOLUME I: MODEL CELL CULTURE SYSTEMS For STUDYING DIFFERENTIATION Linkages in the Control of Differentiation and Proliferation in Murine Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Human Keratinocyte Progenitor Cells: The Effects of Carcinogenesis Regulation of Liver Gene Expression During Development and Regeneration Regulation of Gene Expression by Retinoic Acid -Embryonal Carcinoma Cell Differentiation The Cloning and Characterization of Myogenein, Factor Regulating Muscle Cell Differentiation The Role of Differentiation in the Control of the Tumorigenic Phenotype DNA Tumor Viruses and Cellular Differentiation Cytoplasmic Regulation of Cellular Differentiation: Role for Mitochondria in Carcinogenesis

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